AOA CE credit claiming

The AOA's continuing education (CE) credit-claiming hub, powered by Credivera, offers a secure exchange for verifiable credentials. Access the credit-claiming hub login below.

Welcome to the AOA's credit-claiming hub, powered by Credivera. Credivera is the world's first platform where users can efficiently manage their credentials, securely share them and monitor their verification status in real time.

Beyond these credential management features, the AOA's credit-claiming hub serves as a premier credit-claiming platform, simplifying the process for professionals attending events, such as AOA on Capitol Hill and Optometry's Meeting®, to fulfill their CE requirements. Experience the convenience and efficiency of AOA's credit claiming hub and take control of your professional development journey.

Login to Credivera

Accessing and claiming your CE credit

Step 1: Log in to Credivera

  • Use the login button on this page to use your AOA membership credentials to log in to Credivera.

Step 2: Verify notifications

  • Once logged in, check under "Notifications" for courses listed as "Incomplete pre-qualification requirement." This indicates your attendance has been verified, but additional steps are required.

Step 3: Complete additional steps

  • Click on the course to view and complete any additional steps needed for validation.

Step 4: Confirm credit validity

  • After completing the required items, the course status will update to "Valid," confirming that the course credit is posted.

Step 5: Share your credit

  • Go to the "Sharing" tab to share your credit. Options include emailing the credit to yourself or others.

Login to Credivera


Have questions about credit claiming or the Credivera platform? Please contact

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