CPC-Approved Continuing Education

Continuing education (CE) allows the paraoptometric to stay current within the eye care field and is especially important in the study of direct patient care and office competency.

CPC-approved education listing

Contact the CPC if you require CE forms for any of the approved courses. Paraoptometrics who are looking for a listing of acceptable online education sponsors or courses should contact the CPC.

CPC Approved Education Listing

2023 Education Review Guidelines

Application for CE Review and Approval

Continuing Education and Professional Development for Paraoptometrics

The AOA Education Center provides a variety of continuing education resources. Not all educational opportunities are for certification requirements but serve as resources for those optometric staff new to the field or for those experienced staff interested in keeping up with changes in optometry.

Opportunities for complementary continuing education are offered each year to members. All up-to-date and current educational content (articles, webinars, etc) has been transferred into EyeLearn. To receive credit, those interested must successfully complete each course. Some courses may require a passing quiz in order to receive credit.

Earn continuing education (CE) credits by writing new items (questions) that may be used on the paraoptometric examinations. Who should participate? Any certified paraoptometric looking for a way to earn CE toward renewal of their certification or who may be interested in joining the CPC Item Review or Test Development Committee. Contact cpc@aoa.org for more information. 

CPC Item-Writing Training Course

If you cannot access our online CE opportunities, please contact the Education Center.


AOA Marketplace

Volunteer services

The CPC will award CE credit for volunteering within your community, in underserved areas, or overseas while performing eye care related services as a volunteer. CE is meant to be an extension of your knowledge in the profession; therefore, the award of CE is not meant to be an award just for performing tasks that you normally do every day in the office – it should be a learning experience.

Volunteer Service Form

Approved continuing education

Continuing Education Review Application and Forms

The CPC CE approval requirement of 18 hours of CE for paraoptometrics renewing their current certification is in effect. Paraoptometrics are required to submit a minimum of nine hours of education that has been approved by CPC; the remaining nine credits may be a combination of credits that have been approved by CPC/AOA, ABO, NCLE, JCAHPO or COPE.

To begin the review process, a single form that provides event details, contact information, speaker qualifications and course information is to be completed and submitted electronically while on the AOA web site. Up to 10 attachments may be submitted on a single form.

Speaker qualifications: A current resumé or CV for each speaker is required.

Course information: A detailed and timed outline is required. Outlines must include the course title, speaker name, total length of the presentation, level (beginner, intermediate, advanced), domain or topic area, course description, course objectives and a detailed account of what will be presented.

Submissions lacking documentation will be rejected.

Hints: To avoid having to complete multiple forms for your meeting, you may combine documents for speakers presenting multiple courses into one document for each speaker. On-time submissions will be received by the CPC at least eight weeks in advance of the event/presentation.

See the education review guidelines for fee schedule.

Reviews are completed within 2–3 weeks of receipt of the complete submission. Once education is approved, CPC will email to the contact listed on the application, an approval letter, invoice for the review and a formatted CE template for each approved course.

Requesting Continuing Education Forms for Pre-Approved Courses

Education sponsors may request CE form templates for courses that have already received CPC approval by contacting the CPC. Providers may utilize the list of CPC-approved courses (above) to aid them in the selection of pre-approved courses. Provide the course name, speaker name and length of the course (number of credits approved) along with the CPC course ID number, if known, when submitting additional courses to CPC for review and approval. All CE form templates will be emailed to the contact listed on the application cover sheet once the review has been completed.

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