IOA CE Series - Rosemont, IL

Sponsored by Illinois Optometric Association

March 5, 2023
Hyatt Regency O'Hare
Rosemont, Illinois

Course: New Technology Applications, Dry Eye Diagnosis & Management, and What’s New In Contact Lenses

Speaker: Mile Brujic, OD

CE Credit: 6.0 TQ

Description: As Optometry’s scope continues to increase, so do the technologies that allow us to diagnose and management anterior segment conditions. We will review anterior segment conditions and optometry’s role in managing these conditions. Diagnostic and therapeutic strategies for dry eye has advanced tremendously over the last several years.

The course will overview new contemporary strategies for dry eye management emphasizing its clinical utilization. Although dry eye can be a debilitating condition for some, it can be virtually asymptomatic for others. Additionally, there are several things that can be highly symptomatic that are not dry eye. We will discuss those critical things that need to be ruled out before starting a dry eye treatment regimen for patients complaining of dry eye symptoms.

Finally, with the speed at which contact lens technologies are changing, it is critical to understand new developments in contact lenses. This course will assist the eye care professional to gain knowledge on the new options available to help improve their patients wearing experience.