My Vision Show Growth Summit

Continuing education courses provided via Optik ConEd ( and CRO Journal ( with both optometry and opticianry accredited CE available.

March 25 - 28, 2021

Speaker Name(s)

Jessica Haynes, OD | Andrew J. Rixon , OD, FAAO | Cameron W. Clinard, OD, FAAO etc., please see CRO website for complete list

CE Credit: 40 hours for optometry +6 opticianry courses
Cost: $9.95
Special / Social Events:We are planning several Virtual Happy Hours and open small- discussions 
Audience: Members and NonMembers
Special Topics:
Strategies for optimizing one's business in 2021
Lessons learned in 2020
Utilizing modern technologies and tools for the benefits of optometry and opticianry practices


Blinding Ocular Trauma from Fishing Accident- Posterior Segment
Retinal Arterial Macroaneurysm: A Brief Review- Posterior Segment
Results of Sutureless Manual Small Incision Cataract Surgery in a Low-Income Population
Foveal Retinoschisis Case Report and Clinical Review
Papilledema due to Bilateral Stenosis of the Foramen of Monro
Ocular Manifestations of Sickle Cell Disease: A Review
Purtschers-Like Retinopathy Following Acute Pancreatitis
Retinal Emboli from Vascular Disease: A Brief Review
The Effect of Scleral Contact Lens Wear on Tear Osmolarity -Contact Lenses
An Asymptomatic Circumscribed Choroidal Hemangioma: A Case Report
The Spectrum of Pigment Dispersion: A Case Report and Topic Review
Scleral Topography-Guided Scleral Lens Fitting
Tobacco-Alcohol Amblyopia Combined Toxic and Nutritional Optic Neuropathy
Scanning Outside the Box: Utilizing Peripheral OCT to Differentiate Subclinical Retinal Detachment, Retinoschisis, and White Without Pressure
Collateral Damage: A Differential of Takayasu Retinopathy
Ocular Ischemic Syndrome: A Brief Review
Visual Consequences of Optic Tract Damage
... and more. Please see for full list and details

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