Patriots Bye Week CE Brunch & GMM

The Patriots Bye Week CE Brunch is always a successful and important CE program each year.

November 13, 2022
Cucina Rustica
555 Atwood Ave, Cranston RI 02920


Plan on 4 hours of first-class and timely (and live) CE along with an award-winning brunch!  COPE approved CE is expected.

Lecturer: Dr. Mina Farahani

Courses have been submitted to COPE and are pending. 4 hours!

Advances in the Treatment of Dry Eye Syndrome - Through this course, participants will learn about the definition of dry eye syndrome and the various types of dry eye disease. They will learn about dry eye symptoms and the use of in office diagnostic testing. Treatment options targeted towards the various types of dry eye disease will be discussed. The lecture will end with several case presentations. 1 hour, COPE pending

The Ominous Sunset: Diagnosis and Management of Dislocated Intraocular Lenses - This course will discuss the etiologies and management of intraocular lens dislocation and subluxation. Trauma and several acquired and congenital systemic diseases can lead to intraocular lens dislocation during or after cataract surgery. A variety of factors, including other ocular co-morbidities, vision potential, and lens type, will help to determine the best method of refixation. There are several different ways to refixate or exchange an intraocular lens in the setting of insufficient capsular support. Surgical management of these cases will be discussed, highlighting several new techniques for scleral fixation of intraocular lenses, including the Yamane technique.  1 hour, COPE pending

Corneal Degenerations and Depositions - Through this course, participants will learn about corneal degenerations and dystrophies. The differences between degenerations and dystrophies will be discussed. Common corneal degenerative conditions will be reviewed. The surgical treatment of several corneal and conjunctival lesions will also be reviewed. Features concerning for malignancy that may warrant biopsy will also be discussed. 1 hour, COPE pending

An Update on Intraocular Lens Implants - This course will discuss several new intraocular lens implant technologies. Emphasis will be placed on matching the patient needs with the best fit IOL technology to meet their needs. Criteria to determine the candidacy for advanced intraocular lens implant technology will be discussed. Cataract questionnaires will be reviewed. Monovision, extended depth of focus lenses, and multifocal lenses will all be discussed. The pros and cons of advanced technology lens implants will be reviewed.  1 hour, COPE pending

RIOA member rates.

September - October 14, 2022 $70.00
October 15 - 31, 2022  $80.00
November 1-13, 2022 $90.00

Non-members welcomed and encouraged to attend.