The Screen Time Alliance

Coming together to champion healthy eyes in an ever-digital world.

The Screen Time Alliance

We all deserve more comprehensive eye care

As the popularity of gaming and screen time rises, so does the risk of screen-related eye issues like computer vision syndrome (also known as digital eye strain), which can cause health concerns such as headaches, blurred vision, poor sleeping patterns, and myopia (nearsightedness). The Screen Time Alliance is a first-of-its-kind alliance between a professional eye health association and gaming industry partners to prioritize eye health. The Alliance’s mission is to educate Americans about healthy screen time practices and the importance of in-person eye care, especially the 227+ million who play video games. While there are many things we can do on our screens, getting a comprehensive eye exam isn’t one of them. Learn more about our Eye Health Guidance for Screen Time.

Nerd Street

The members of the Screen Time Alliance have pledged to prioritize the eye health of gamers, scrollers, and streamers through innovation and education to reinforce that everyone deserves more quality care and support to continue doing what they love both on and offline. The Screen Time Alliance is an extension of Eye Deserve More, a public awareness campaign to emphasize that every American deserves in-person comprehensive eye care from a doctor of optometry as part of their eye health and overall wellbeing.

Screen Time Alliance

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