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Gaming and eye health come together in an all-new mobile game, Blink Land, available on IOS and Android devices. Players can play mini games, answer trivia, and learn more ways to develop eye-friendly screen habits.
Blink Land game on mobile device

Screen time and gaming has skyrocketed. The average gamer now spends more than eight hours a day in front of a screen, so we’ve developed a game to help them better understand the connection between eye health and their favorite activity.

How to Play

How to Play Blink Land

Players can put their knowledge to the test with mini games, trivia, and fun facts designed to help them learn and practice healthy eye habits.


Blink Land Features

Moistur-Eyes: Quick! Catch as many eye drops as you can before they hit the ground.

Eye-Xercise: Blink says: move your eyes to the right. Now left. Follow along as you learn to minimize eye strain.

Ready, Set, Blink!: Avoid the dreaded dry eye by blinking as many times as possible before the sign changes.

Trivia: Test your eye-health knowledge to score points.

Space It Out: Guess the correct distance your eyes should be from the screen before time runs out.

Screen Dodger: It’s a race to the finish line. Just remember to jump over all the screens that stand in your way.

Focus On Me: Does that look blurry to you? Adjust the focus of the lens to sharpen your site.

Did You Know?: Learn new things about eyes with fun facts.

Play your way to healthier eye habits. Download Blink Land today on your IOS or Android device.

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