Migraine with aura

Migraine with aura is type of severe headache preceded by various visual symptoms, flashing or sparkling lights, darkening of vision centrally or peripherally.
Migraine with Aura

Causes & risk factors

Similar to migraine, causes include stress, alcohol consumption (especially red wine), hormonal triggers in women, poor diet or lack of sleep, family history, allergic responses or environmental factors such as allergy or bright or flashing lights.


Sparkling (Scintillating) lights and/or darkness of vision, generally starting in the middle and expanding to the outside followed by a severe headache. The aura is a warning sign. If the headache is so severe that the pupils (the dark spots in the center of your eye) are not equal in size or are very dilated or very constricted and there is severe nausea and vomiting, this could be a sign of a serious even life-threatening condition that requires immediate emergency medical intervention.


An eye exam by a doctor of optometry is necessary to rule out other causes of flashing light in vision, such as a retinal tear or detachment, or damage inside the eye.


Referral to primary care doctor for evaluation and treatment of migraines and/or high blood pressure once eye health normal status confirmed.


Avoidance of trigger situations.

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