Myokymia (eyelid twitch or tic)

Myokymia of the lid is a unilateral and uncontrollable lid twitch or tic that is not caused by disease or pathology.
Eye twitch

Myokymia is thought to be brought on by stress and other similar issues and resolves on its own with time. It usually involves the lower eyelid and is self-limiting to a few days or a week.

Causes & risk factors:

  • Stress.
  • Poor nutrition.
  • Lack of Sleep.
  • It can be an indicator of systemic disease.


An eyelid (usually the lower lid in one eye) twitches uncontrollably.


See a doctor of optometry should an eyelid twitch last more than a few days or after removing stresses like poor nutrition, lack of sleep and stress. See a doctor of optometry immediately should an eye completely close (blepharospasm) and you are unable to open it. In rare cases that do not go away, the cause can be a neurological condition such as myasthenia graves.


Usually self-limited once self-care is in place. In cases of blepharospasm that does not resolve on its own, Botox or other surgeries can help limit the impact on daily activities.


Low-stress healthy lifestyle with attention to good nutrition and regular exercise.

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