Your eyes are windows to your whole-body health. Hear powerful stories from patients whose lives have been positively impacted by the expert eye health and vision care AOA doctors deliver.

One year after COVID-19 and fighting for my vision

Struggling with symptoms including light sensitivity, pain and poor depth perception, Mark didn’t know what was wrong with his eyes. But his doctor of optometry did: the lingering effects of COVID-19. Together, they were able to work through a treatment plan to help Mark on his road to recovery.

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The results of a comprehensive eye exam? A lifesaving diabetes diagnosis

November is National Diabetes Awareness Month—a month not commonly associated with vision issues. But it should be. As patients Ron O. and Steve E. can attest, your doctor of optometry is often the first health professional to make the connection between vision changes and their sometimes-life-threatening underlying cause: diabetes.

Tacko Fall: Eyes on the prize

Pro basketball player Tacko Fall discusses the important role preventative eye care plays in his sport, and how doctors of optometry help to keep him healthy–on and off the court.

Larry Lipman: Low-vision technology provides freedom to drive

Larry Lipman, of Memphis, Tennessee, wasn’t allowed to drive until he was 36 years old. Low vision prevented him from legally getting a driver’s license—until he heard about bioptic spectacles that could make driving safe. Now, every year, he turns to his doctor of optometry, low-vision specialist Cynthia G. Heard, O.D., FAAO, to take him through the tests required by the state to keep his license.

Doctor of optometry sees patient through pregnancy and diabetes

Kelly Rosemann is a wife and mother of three who works in the eye care industry. Rosemann also is one of an estimated 34 million Americans with diabetes. Together Roseman and her doctor of optometry, David Prange, O.D., have been able to stay ahead of diabetes to make sure the disease never became sight-threatening.

Pamela Young: Eye visit saves her life

When Pamela Young experienced a blur in her vision, she was unaware that her appointment with her doctor of optometry would be one of the most important appointments that she would have in her lifetime. Young gives that appointment and her doctor, Andrea Thau, O.D., the credit for being alive to tell the story today.

Abeni Neubauer: Comprehensive eye exam saves her sight

When 17-year-old Abeni Neubauer started experiencing headaches and neck and back pain in January 2021, her parents, Kathy and Brady, sent her to a chiropractor. But the treatments didn’t help.