Eye Deserve More

Eye Deserve More takes the stance that every American deserves in-person comprehensive care from an AOA doctor of optometry for their overall health and wellbeing. We all deserve the human connection and care we get from the eye health and vision care that AOA doctors of optometry deliver. With gaming and screen time on the rise, so is the risk of eye-related issues. This year, Eye Deserve More wants to help Americans do all the gaming, streaming, and scrolling they love online – by keeping their eyes healthy in real life. Gaming and eye health come together in an all-new mobile game, Blink Land, available on IOS and Android devices. Players can play mini games, answer trivia, and learn more ways to develop eye-friendly screen habits. Play Now


As windows into your whole-body health, your eyes deserve more than automated exams from dubious corners of the internet—exams that can miss signs of serious illness, including diabetes, brain tumors and even symptoms of stroke. So, make sure your eyes aren’t just looked at, but truly seen. And only by a trusted medical expert, like AOA doctors.

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