Vision and Vision Correction

The American Optometric Association provides information about normal vision and different tools and treatments for vision correction

Healthy Vision and Contact Lenses

Safe contact lenses use provides an effective form of vision correction. Contact lenses prescribed by a licensed doctor of optometry are worn safely and comfortably by millions of people worldwide and have a long history of providing wearers with a safe and effective form of vision correction.

Contact Lens Care

If interested in wearing contact lenses, get off to the right start by seeing a doctor of optometry. A doctor will provide a thorough eye examination and an evaluation of suitability for contact lens wear.

Find a Doctor of Optometry
Types of Contact Lenses

There are many types of contact lenses, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Learn more about each type with our side by side comparison.


Your environment can heavily impact your contact lenses and eyes. Learn more about about your environment's effect on your contact lenses.