Building Fund
AOA Takes the Initiative

For several years, AOA leaders recognized the need to take action to retrofit and modernize its Saint Louis office.

Since moving into the building in 1978, AOA had not performed any major work on the structure or its systems. It was now time.

The AOA Board of Trustees planned carefully for the retrofit.  Yes, it was costly.  Yes, it was a necessary use of AOA funds.

The renovated AOA can now

  • significantly reduce annual maintenance costs
  • improve the facility's infrastructure
  • allow AOA to better serve its members.

Approaching this project with the same attention to detail AOA provides for its advocacy agenda, it is clear that the renovation is on time, on budget and the most cost-effective long-term solution for AOA’s facility requirements.

AOA has financed its office renovation with a combination of income from reserves and bank financing.

The Board decided that a top-quality facility would become a reality without a dues increase or special assessment.


AOA expresses its sincere thanks to those who have made a commitment to the Invest in AOA Campaign. We appreciate your dedication to AOA and your willingness to help us create the best possible offices for the association.


  • Drs. Carol & Kevin Alexander
  • Dr. Emilio Balius
  • Dr. Allan Barker
  • Dr. Jack Von Bokern
  • Dr. Jacquie & Doug Bowen
  • Renee Brauns
  • Dr. Randolph Brooks
  • Dr. T. Joel Byers
  • Drs. Cherry & David Cockrell
  • Dr. Ida Chung
  • Dr. Tommy Crooks
  • Dr. James & Cathy DeVleming
  • Dr. Joe Ellis
  • Dr. Fred Farias III
  • Dr. Patrick Fleming
  • Dr. Geoffrey Goodfellow
  • Dr. Kenji Hamada
  • Dr. Candace Hamel
  • Dr. Dori Carlson & Dr. Mark Helgeson
  • Drs. Amanda & Paul Hodge
  • Dr. Richard Hopping
  • Drs. Desiree & Ron Hopping
  • Jon Hymes
  • Dr. Michael Jones
  • Dr. Peter & Melissa Kehoe
  • Dr. Timothy Kime
  • Fred & Dr. Beth Kneib
  • Dr. Robert & Barb Layman
  • Dr. Andrea Thau & John Lieberman
  • Dr. Steven & Kathy Loomis
  • Dr. Pamela Lowe
  • Dr. Ashley McFerron
  • Dr. Martha Morrow
  • Dr. Mitchell Munson
  • Dr. Curtis Ono
  • Dr. Eric Orava
  • Dr. Ron Benner & Branden Ozbun
  • Dr. Sam and Kimberly Pierce
  • Dr. Steven & Kendra Reed
  • Dr. William & Ann Reynolds
  • Drs. Maria & Harvey Richman
  • Dr. Trennda Rittenbach
  • Dave Sattler
  • Dr. Jack L. Schaeffer
  • Dr. Cheryl Schmitt
  • Dr. Tina Cooley Staley
  • Dr. David A. Swearingen
  • Dr. Mira Swiecicki
  • Dr. Carl Urbanski
  • Dr. Jack Von Bokern
  • Dr. William Wallace
  • Dr. Richard Wallingford
  • Dr. Barbara Horn & Dr. Michael Weisgerber
  • Dr. Gregory Wolfe
  • OMNI Eye Service
  • Pacific Cataract & Laser Institute
  • Omni Eye Services of Atlanta
  • Lasik Pro Eye Consultants
  • Commonwealth Eye Surgery
  • The Eye Center of Southern Indiana
  • SouthEast Eye Specialists
  • Capital Eye Consultants, P.C.
  • Eye Specialty Group
  • Eye Care of Delaware


  • AFOS
  • Alabama Optometric Association
  • American Optometric Student Association
  • Arkansas Optometric Association
  • California Optometric Association
  • Colorado Optometric Association
  • Iowa Optometric Association
  • Kentucky Optometric Association
  • Maine Optometric Association
  • Michigan Optometric Association
  • Mississippi Optometric Association
  • New Jersey Society of Optometric Physicians
  • North Carolina Optometric Society
  • Ohio Optometric Association
  • Oklahoma Association of Optometric Physicians
  • Optometric Physicians of Washington
  • Optometry Association of Louisiana
  • Oregon Optometric Physicians Association
  • South Carolina Optometric Physicians Association
  • South Dakota Optometric Society
  • Utah Optometric Association
  • Vermont Optometric Association
  • Wisconsin Optometric Association
  • Wyoming Optometric Association
My Investment In AOA

Please download and complete the below form to pledge your investment. Upon receiving your request an AOA Staff member will contact you directly regarding payment options.

Your commitment to the Invest in AOA campaign is not tax-deductible as a charitable contribution. Please consult your tax advisor to determine if your investment can qualify as a business expense.

Click here to download and mail the form.

Mailing address:
American Optometric Association – Investment Initiative
243 N. Lindbergh Blvd.
St. Louis, MO 63141-7881

AOA is important to my professional development and my business interests. Its efforts help remove barriers so we can deliver the best care to our patients. I’ve worked with AOA for close to 30 years and my investment in the Association is well worth my effort.”

David A. Cockrell. O.D.
Stillwater, OK

Since entering practice, I have always counted on the American Optometric Association to help me make decisions and take actions that will improve my ability to deliver quality patient care. I have invested in AOA for over 30 years as AOA has advanced our profession.”

Andrea P. Thau, O.D.
New York, NY