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Healthy vision cannot be taken for granted. The AOA’s Eye Deserve More campaign brings this important health reality to every American—that everyone deserves comprehensive eye care from an AOA doctor as a part of their overall health and well-being. We are activating the public to take control of their own eye care and spread the word about its importance to others.

In 2021, AOA officially launched its Eye Deserve More campaign to elevate the message that every American deserves in-person comprehensive care from an AOA doctor as part of their overall health and wellbeing—driving an increase of 13x more visits (91K) to AOA’s doctor locator from the previous year, connecting patients with a doctor of optometry near them.

With more than 227 million Americans who play video games and with gaming and screen time on the rise, the AOA launched the second phase to educate gamers and screen users about prioritizing eye health during times of heavy screen use and offer helpful resources. The AOA teamed up with several influencers, including actor, singer and avid gamer Jordan Fisher, professional gamer, Aruuu, and top players in the gaming industry to let people know that AOA doctors can help patients enjoy all the gaming, scrolling and streaming they love—ensuring Americans get checked offline to stay healthy online.

The campaign also features a range of exciting initiatives including:

  • The Screen Time Alliance, a first-of-its-kind collaboration with major gaming and entertainment industry leaders to prioritize eye health through software/hardware innovation and education;
  • Ongoing national, top-tier earned media engine;
  • Social media amplification and digital advertising;
  • Powerful AOA doctor / patient testimonials;
  • In-game media partnership to display campaign messaging to reach gamers directly; and more!

The evolution of Eye Deserve More

In 2023, the AOA is continuing our successful focus on screentime, reaching the millions of Americans who rely on screens for work and play to get an in-person comprehensive eye exam with an AOA doctor of optometry by showing that screen time feels better when the eyes are cared for. This is about reaching people where they are and bringing them to AOA doctors because we are here to make a difference for their eyes, health and lives.

***The campaign will kick-off in March for Save Your Vision Month.

Want to get involved? Get in touch!

The AOA is looking for doctors to join us in championing annual eye exams, bringing more and more people to doctors of optometry for their comprehensive eye care.

  • Do you have an inspiring patient story around screen time, gaming or computer vision syndrome?
  • Do you have a noteworthy patient relationship with a gamer?
  • Do you consider yourself a gamer?
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Campaign resources

  • 2022 Eye Deserve More Toolkit: Use this toolkit to bring the Eye Deserve More campaign to life in your state. Within this kit, you will find a number of customizable, creative materials including newsletter content, template press release, social media posts and more!
  • Eye Deserve More Assets: Full suite of campaign resources and materials, including digital ads, creative assets and social media content. Also includes a sizzle reel that highlights 2021 campaign results and previews plans for 2022.
  • Monthly Social Media Calendar: Use the monthly social media calendar to easily plan and schedule content in advance. Every month, the AOA will update the calendar to include social posts, images and customizable content that coincides with AOA’s own activities. We ask all partners to organically post on their social channels each month.
  • Patient recruitment guidelinesAs part of the AOA’s Eye Deserve More campaign, we are looking for doctors and patients who would be interested in sharing their stories. Your how-to guide to collecting patient testimonials.

Read the stories that have already been shared.

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