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The AOA’s Eye Deserve More campaign is activating the public to take control of their own eye care and spread the word about its importance to others. Everyone deserves comprehensive eye care from an AOA doctor as a part of their overall health and well-being.

Your new smartphone has a 48-megapixel camera. Impressive, right? Well…did you know that the human eye would have 576 megapixels?

Our eyes are worthy of the same hype that the latest and greatest tech products always get. That’s why Eye Deserve More is getting Americans to prioritize the most impressive tech of all: the human eye.

Inspired by real anatomy and capabilities of the visual system, the AOA is highlighting the unmatched power of the human eye and the importance of in-person exams with doctors of optometry. By putting it into a new perspective, the latest campaign is helping people reconsider the marvel of their eyes and take the necessary steps to protect them.

Eye Deserve More 2024

AOA will launch a first of its kind interactive pop-up experience in New York City to reveal the next evolution of the Eye Deserve More campaign. Our interactive event will be open to the public from Friday, August 23 to Sunday, August 25.

To attend, contact: Yakesha Cooper

Blink Land

Patients can level up their eye health outside of the exam room with mini games and test their knowledge with eye-related trivia. But it doesn’t stop there, Blink Land encourages players to visit our doctor locator to schedule an in-person exam with an AOA doctor.

Download Blink Land on  Apple App Store and  Google Play Store.

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Campaign resources

  • 2024 Eye Deserve More Toolkit: Use this toolkit to bring the Eye Deserve More campaign to life in your state. Within this kit, you will find a number of customizable, creative materials including newsletter content, template press release, social media posts and more!
  • Monthly Social Media Calendar: Use the monthly social media calendar to easily plan and schedule content in advance. Every month, the AOA will update the calendar to include social posts, images and customizable content that coincides with AOA’s own activities. We ask all partners to organically post on their social channels each month.
  • Patient recruitment guidelinesAs part of the AOA’s Eye Deserve More campaign, we are looking for doctors and patients who would be interested in sharing their stories. Your how-to guide to collecting patient testimonials.

Read the stories that have already been shared.

Share your story in the form below or submit it via email to Yakesha Cooper, AOA’s public relations manager, at

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Eye Deserve More?   

A:  Eye Deserve More is a multi-faceted national campaign to take a stand that every American deserves in-person comprehensive care from an AOA doctor of optometry as part of their eye health and overall health and wellbeing.  Learn more about the campaign and see our results to date.

Q: What’s the point of the campaign?  

A:  Eye Deserve More helps people understand the critical role doctors of optometry play as a primary healthcare provider to keep our eyes and whole body healthy. Even those with perfect vision should see a doctor of optometry in person annually. Through comprehensive exams, we can detect 270+ serious health conditions including diabetes, high blood pressure, autoimmune diseases, and cancers and identify personalized prevention plans – something that cannot be done virtually or through an app.

Q: When does it begin/when did it begin?  

A: The Eye Deserve More campaign officially launched in April of 2021. In 2022-2024, the campaign has focused on prioritizing eye health while gaming or on screens.    

Q: How will Eye Deserve More evolve in 2024?

A: Launching in late January, the next phase of Eye Deserve More is reaching a population that spends extended hours on screens and may feel too busy to seek the care they deserve: those in the workplace.

The activation includes releasing a research report in partnership with Deloitte Economics on the costs of unmanaged screentime. The report will highlight the impact of unmanaged screentime and how scheduling an in-person comprehensive eye exam with an AOA doctor can prevent further costs to an individual’s healthcare, productivity and well-being.

Q: What are the key findings from the AOA & Deloitte report?

A: The report found that over 100 million working age Americans spend more than seven hours of their day in front of screens, resulting in an estimated $73 billion in health system, productivity, and wellbeing costs in 2023. Regular visits to an optometrist could potentially deliver up to $61 billion in benefits to individuals, government, and society per year from improved productivity and wellbeing.

Q: How can I get involved in the campaign?

A: There are several ways to get involved with the Eye Deserve More campaign, including:

  • Eye Deserve More Toolkit : Use the toolkit located in the “Campaign resources” section of this page to access customizable creative materials to add to your 2024 public relations and communications efforts.
  • Share on Social : Share campaign creative and information on eye health and vision care on your social channels! The AOA provides a monthly social media calendar with social posts, images and customizable content that coincides with AOA’s own activities. Be sure to also follow AOA on social media and engage with us!
  • Doctor-Patient stories : Eye Deserve More is always looking for powerful stories from patients whose lives have been positively impacted by the expert eye health and vision care AOA doctors
  • Optometry’s Meeting opportunities: Join the AOA and AOSA at Optometry’s Meeting and support Eye Deserve More onsite.

Blink Land 

Q: What is Blink Land?  

A: Blink Land is a single-player mobile game teaches people about eye health as it relates to screen time. After rolling a dice, hero character “Blink” will lead players around a game board, stopping along the way to play minigames, master trivia and learn tips and tricks to adopt healthy habits while playing video games.   The game encourages players to use them while playing – all while being a fun and engaging way to learn about eye health.

Q: Why did AOA create Blink Land?  

A: The American Optometric Association developed Blink Land to meet gamers where they are – within a game and educate them on healthy habits for their eyes. The game provides tangible actions to help people with their eye health and encourages in-person exams with an AOA doctor of optometry.

Q: Where is Blink Land available?  

A: Blink Land is a free mobile app available for download in the Apple and Google Play app stores. 

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