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The AOA’s Eye Deserve More campaign is activating the public to take control of their own eye care and spread the word about its importance to others. Everyone deserves comprehensive eye care from an AOA doctor as a part of their overall health and well-being.

Patients deserve more information about their health and deeper connections with their health providers. Doctors deserve more opportunities to provide patients with the comprehensive care they deserve and empower healthy lifestyle choices.

In 2024, Eye Deserve More  will build on our success educating millions of Americans experiencing the effects of screen time but aren’t working with an AOA doctor to improve their overall health.

Workplace Wellness

Partnering with Deloitte Access Economics, we’ll launch a largest-of-its-kind research report quantifying what the true costs of unmanaged screentime are – and what Americans can do about it to prevent further damage.

Total Solar Eclipse

Leveraging moments-in-time to educate patients of the importance of eye care, the AOA will release “safe viewing” resources for the total solar eclipse leading up to and on April 8, 2024.

Blink Land

Patients can level up their eye health outside of the exam room with mini games and test their knowledge with eye-related trivia. But it doesn’t stop there, Blink Land encourages players to visit our doctor locator to schedule an in-person exam with an AOA doctor.

Download Blink Land on  Apple App Store and  Google Play Store.

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Campaign resources

  • 2023 Eye Deserve More Toolkit: Use this toolkit to bring the Eye Deserve More campaign to life in your state. Within this kit, you will find a number of customizable, creative materials including newsletter content, template press release, social media posts and more!
  • Monthly Social Media Calendar: Use the monthly social media calendar to easily plan and schedule content in advance. Every month, the AOA will update the calendar to include social posts, images and customizable content that coincides with AOA’s own activities. We ask all partners to organically post on their social channels each month.
  • Patient recruitment guidelinesAs part of the AOA’s Eye Deserve More campaign, we are looking for doctors and patients who would be interested in sharing their stories. Your how-to guide to collecting patient testimonials.

Read the stories that have already been shared.

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