Diabetes in young patients

Study calls the uptick of diabetes in youth ‘a substantial clinical and public health burden.’Read more >

January 25, 2019

InfantSEE® program heartens students, elevates pediatric care

InfantSEE® establishes a lifetime of healthy eye and vision care, while the InfantSEE Student Program establishes a lifetime of enthusiasm for delivering that care.Read more >

January 25, 2019

AOA MORE and MIPS: What you need to know

Oct. 1 kicked off the final 90-day reporting period for 2018 MIPS. AOA MORE can help participating doctors of optometry avoid a payment penalty. Here’s how, including the latest on your EHR integration status.Read more >

January 25, 2019

How AOA membership helps protect your practice and the profession

When these doctors of optometry were just starting their careers, they turned to the AOA and found what they needed through their professional membership. They sought help with consolidating student loans, finding authoritative clinical resources and saving on group purchases such as insurance. They also discovered, through the AOA’s 24/7 advocacy efforts on the state and federal levels, that there is power in numbers.Read more >

December 27, 2018

United in Possibilities: A Peek Inside AOA Membership

Members can access a wide range of benefits, resources.Read more >

August 13, 2018

Carving a career track with student loan debt

Current generations are graduating with the highest student loan debt burdens ever, but there are ways to structure that debt to make room for your dream career.Read more >

May 9, 2018

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