Robert C. Layman, O.D.

Robert C. Layman, O.D. Ohio 

Robert C. Layman, O.D., was elected to the American Optometric Association Board of Trustees at the 116th Annual AOA Congress & 43rd Annual AOSA Conference: Optometry's Meeting® in June 2013 and elected to the office of Secretary Treasurer at the 121st Annual AOA Congress & 48th Annual AOSA Conference: Optometry's Meeting® in June 2018.

As a member of the AOA Board, Dr. Layman serves as a member of the AOA Investment Committee, Executive Committee, Finance Committee and 401(k) Committee. He is the board liaison to the Content Review Board. Dr. Layman also serves as the board liaison to affiliate associations in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia; and to Nova Southeastern University's College of Optometry and the Southern College of Optometry.  His past board work includes serving as liaison to the Advocacy Committee, Federal Legislative Action Keyperson Committee, Federal Relations Committee, InfantSEE & Children's Vision Committee, State Government Relations Committee, Third Party Center Executive Committee, American Optometric Association Political Action Committee, Optometry Cares - The AOA Foundation, and the Interorganizational Communications and Cooperation Committee.

Prior to his election to the AOA Board, Dr. Layman's 30 years of consecutive AOA volunteer service include the following chairmanships: Diabetes Project Team, Optometric Executive's Project Team, Information and Member Services Group Executive Committee Chair, Non-Dues Income Committee, and Assistance to Graduates Project Team.

Dr. Layman has also served on several AOA Committees including the AOA Clinical Care Group Executive Committee, Glaucoma Project Team, Communications Technology Project Team, Student Membership Project Team, Membership Development Committee, Program Planning Committee for the AOA Board of Trustees, New Practitioners Practice Management Advisory Committee, and the Resolutions Committee for the 1995 Congress. He is a charter member of the AOA Contact Lens Section and has been a participant in the AOA Leadership Institute.  For ten years, he served as moderator for Presidents' Council from 2001-11.  

Dr. Layman was honored with the AOA Optometrist of the Year award in 2006. He has also received the Ohio Optometrist of the Year, Ohio Young Optometrist of the Year, Ohio Key Optometrist of the Year, and Outstanding Senior Student awards. Dr. Layman is a past president of the Ohio Optometric Association. He served as the OOA Electronic Health Records Task Force liaison to the Northwest Ohio Regional Extension Center/Health Information Partnership from 2010-2014. Dr. Layman chaired the EastWest Eye Conference from 2009-11. He has presented the RealEyes Classroom Initiative curriculum in his community since the program's inception in 2001.

Dr. Layman is a graduate of The Ohio State University (OSU) College of Optometry, where he was named one of OSU College of Optometry's Top 100 Notable Alumni during the 100th anniversary of the college. He has served as a vision consultant to the University of Toledo Athletic Department over 25 years. He has been an adult leader in Boy Scout Troop 87, a volunteer with the Mildred Bayer Homeless Clinic of Toledo, and a member of the YMCA Board of Managers.

Dr. Layman is an owner of Pinnacle Eye Group in Lambertville, Michigan and Great Lakes Vision Care in Monroe, Michigan, and lives with his wife, Barb, in Toledo, Ohio. They have four grown children. He is energized to continue advancing the profession by working closely with affiliates, increasing membership, and securing the proper place for optometry in health care reform. 

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