Getting started and what happens next

Get Started

AOA MORE is an AOA member benefit available to all members who are current in their yearly dues; however, you must enroll to be able to participate!

If you are participating in the Quality Payment Program, enrolling in AOA MORE registers your intent to submit data to a specialized registry. To view the three steps of Active Engagement, click here.

  • If you are not an AOA member, but would like to participate in AOA MORE for a fee, please call 314.983.4270 to start the process. 

Enrolling is easy!

  • If you are a practice owner, click here.
  • If you are an associate OD, click here.
  • If you are an OD employed at a practice owned by a non-member entity, click here.

What if I don't use an EHR in my practice, or use an EHR that is not yet integrated, can I still enroll?  
YES! You can enroll in AOA MORE to participate in Improvement Activities to earn MIPS points and to manually report Promoting Interoperability data to the QPP. Follow the steps above to enroll. 

Whats Next

IMPORTANT: Continue to report Quality Measures to CMS by traditional reporting methods (claims-based, EHR) until your AOA MORE dashboard shows 60 percent completion success on at least six measures.

Next steps for users of integrated EHR's



Request the AOA MORE installation. Click here
CrystalPM CRYSTALPM Users: Enable the AOA MORE interface. Click here


Contact Eyefinity to request the AOA MORE installation.


Contact MaximEyes for more information. 800.920.1940 Option 4


Contact OM/EW to request the AOA MORE installation

Since email is the no. 1 way that AOA MORE will communicate any updates, documentation or new requirements to you, please make sure that your My AOA account is up to-date with current contact information.
 800.365.2219 ex 4270