Atlantic author retracts tweet

After AOA response, 'Scam' writer issues clarification, lauds eye exams

In the face of AOA's immediate media advocacy response, the Atlantic magazine writer who last week attacked optometry and eye exams as a "scam" has issued a clarification. In response to a November 27 letter from AOA President Barbara L. Horn, O.D., Yascha Mounk tweeted a public message to his 57,000+ followers that included the following clarifying statement:

"To avoid all misunderstandings, let me be crystal clear:  Eye exams are a good way to check for a range of dangerous diseases, from progressive blindness to brain tumors.  If you have the time and money to visit an optometrist, go make an appointment today!"

The AOA continues to press Atlantic magazine editors on the Mounk article's inaccuracies. In light of the writer's clarification, Dr. Horn is re-affirming AOA's call for a retraction and, belatedly, a monitored fact-checking process.   

Yascha Mounk eye exam tweet

December 5, 2019

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