The AOA strives to move forward the interests of doctors of optometry and their patients in the U.S. legislatures to ensure that Americans continue to have access to quality vision care.

Contact Lens Rule Modernization Act introduced in the U.S. Senate

FTC rule set to take effect in October.

‘Recovery to renaissance’: Optometry’s advocates fight to advance profession

The FTC’s Contact Lens Rule, COVID-19 pandemic response and vision plan concerns headline the advocacy priorities that doctors nationwide shared with Congress in a consequential session.

Championing paraoptometrics

The AOA continues to create opportunities for paraoptometrics to be all they can be—readying them for the effects of scope expansion and empowering them as grassroots advocates for the profession of optometry. And for the first time, paraoptometrics can join the single-largest annual advocacy event and the centerpiece of the profession's national lobbying efforts.

Optometry’s premier advocacy event, Sept. 9-10, mobilizes doctors around AOA priorities

In firsts, AOA on Capitol Hill 2020 will be virtual and include advocacy-minded doctors, optometry students and paraoptometrics. The registration deadline is Sept. 5.

Take Action, Secure Change

Brush up on AOA’s priority issues and connect with your lawmakers to urge their support.
AOA doctors warn FTC of potential adverse impact of new amendment

The AOA and doctors are acting quickly to enlist federal legislators to join the growing mass of voices asserting concerns regarding the new amendment to the Contact Lens Rule announced by the FTC.

Elevating optometry through AOA’s 24/7 media advocacy

Through the AOA’s nonstop efforts, optometry’s patient safety and eye health messages have had more reach than ever before.

AOA finds allies in fight against new FTC contact lens prescription paperwork mandate

House appropriations subcommittee scolds FTC for effective date of new rule, seeks 2021 implementation.

AOA, AOSA raise coronavirus, planning concerns as students prepare for boards

NBEO has identified solutions to administering Parts I and II of the exam but has not found alternatives for students who are hesitant traveling to Charlotte to complete Part III of the exam.

Proposed payment model would have put burden solely on shoulders of doctors of optometry

AOA speaks up for doctors of optometry who provide 80% of primary eye care in this country.

Optometry diverted 206,000+ during COVID-19’s March surge

Limited to urgencies and emergencies only, optometry helped keep eye-related cases out of overburdened emergency departments during COVID-19 lockdowns.