New alliance—joined by AOA—fights for eye health and patient safety

February 21, 2018
Eye diseases and vision disorders cost U.S. economy millions of dollars annually.
Health Care Alliance for Patient Safety

AOA ramped up its efforts to advance patient eye health and vision care on Tuesday, Feb. 20, by joining the new Health Care Alliance for Patient Safety. The alliance's charge is to find solutions to Americans' untreated and undiagnosed vision impairments and make eye and vision care a national priority.

The Alliance for Patient Safety is a policy and information collaboration between leading eye health advocates, innovators and other voices from the eye health community. Alliance members will be advocating at the Federal Trade Commission's public workshop March 7 in Washington, D.C., on contact lens marketplace competition, consumer access, prescription release and portability, and other contact lens-related subjects.

Through its advocacy and education, the alliance seeks to:

  • Sup rt laws, regulations, increased enforcement and other public policy solutions designed to safeguard public health.
  • Heighten awareness to patients, legislators and regulators of the importance of the doctor-patient relationship and existing and potential threats to patients' eye health and safety.

The AOA and Johnson & Johnson Vision joined the alliance as leadership and charter members, while CooperVision, Inc., as an associate and charter member.

"The Alliance for Patient Safety exists to advance patient eye health and provide patients with the latest credible information to improve and safeguard eye health," said Deanna Alexander, O.D., chair of the Alliance for Patient Safety.

"We will set out to ensure patient eye health and safety are at the center of the nation's health care agenda and to advance patient health through education, empowerment and preserving the doctor-patient relationship as the absolute foundation of sound health care decision-making," Dr. Alexander said.

Eye diseases, vision loss, and eye disorders cost the U.S. economy $139 billion annually as millions of Americans suffer from untreated or undiagnosed vision impairments.

Find out more about becoming a local advocate for the alliance or getting involved in protecting patient safety by visiting

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