AOA spurs FTC rule dialogue, encourages members to connect with lawmakers

The AOA doubles down on efforts to educate lawmakers and set the record straight on contact lenses, while regulators continue mulling over their proposed changes to the Contact Lens Rule. That proposal would mandate doctors collect a signed contact lens prescription acknowledgement form, and keep such a document on file for at least three years, which AOA maintains is not only burdensome but wholly unnecessary.

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) justified its proposal by pointing to anecdotal reports and non-definitive surveys submitted by online contact lens sellers. The FTC claimed an "ongoing pattern of consumer complaints" despite data obtained through AOA's 2017 Freedom of Information Act request showing just 309 complaints out of nearly 200 million prescriptions written between 2011 and 2016.

Recently, Reps. Leonard Lane (R-N.J.) and Bobby Rush (D-Ill.) authored a letter to the FTC to scrap the proposal-a letter that garnered the bipartisan support of nearly 60 Members of Congress thanks to the tireless efforts of AOA doctors and students. In turn, that awareness prompted multiple opinion editorials, backing AOA's concerns over needless 'red tape,' as well as a letter from the National Consumers League. But AOA still needs members to take action.

Reach out to your Senator now, requesting them to voice opposition to the FTC's proposal. Use AOA's Online Legislative Action Center to send a request to your lawmakers, or contact Matt Willette in the AOA's Washington office for more information.