Notice of 2017 MIPS Exclusion

MIPS Participation Letters

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has begun mailing MIPS Participation Letters to clinicians and practices. Providers who believe they may qualify for an exclusion, such as the low-volume threshold exclusion, should pay close attention to their incoming mail for these letters.

Doctors of Optometry should begin receiving the MIPS Participation Letters as early as Wednesday, April 26, 2017. CMS expects all letters to be received before the second week of May 2017.

What to Expect in the MIPS Participation Letters

The MIPS Participation Letters inform practices and individuals as to whether they are excluded from MIPS in 2017 or will be required to participate (For more information about exclusions, please see AOA's Know your Exclusions).

CMS will send a MIPS Participation Letter to every practice with a Tax Identification Number (TIN) enrolled in Medicare. Each letter will include two attachments (See below for Sample MIPS Participation Letters and Attachments). Attachment A identifies whether the practice's TIN meets the 2017 MIPS exclusions if all the doctors in the practice decide to participate in MIPS as a group. It also lists all National Provider Identifiers (NPIs) associated with the TIN and identifies which of those NPIs would be excluded from 2017 MIPS if they participate individually. Members who work for multiple practices under different TINs should review their data with each of their practice's MIPS Participation Letter.

Attachment B provides important questions and answers about the 2017 MIPS program.

Next Steps for Members

Doctors of optometry who work under one or more group TINs should confirm that each of their practices received a MIPS Participation Letter and review their individual data associated with each practice. Members who work in multiple practices may have different exclusion/requirements for each of their TIN/practice combinations. Many doctors of optometry will qualify for an exclusion individually but not as a group.  

After reviewing their letters, each doctor should determine whether they will be reporting their 2017 performance data individually or with their practice(s) as a group.  For a practice to report as a group, each doctor under that group's TIN must agree to report as a group.  

Members who have questions or issues with the data should contact The MIPS Helpdesk at or 1-866-288-8292/TTY: 1-877-715-6222.

Sample MIPS Participation Letter and Attachments

MIPS and Group Reporting Resources

Please contact if you have any questions relating to the MIPS Participation Letter.