MORE good news: AOA announces registry name

MORE good news: AOA announces registry name

"Imagine every optometrist in the country being able to collaborate on outcomes."

MORE is the key word for AOA's anticipated optometric registry that promises to take the profession to the next level of care.

More data, more access and more quality measurement solutions—AOA MORE (Measures and Outcomes Registry for Eyecare), powered by Prometheus Research, represents a technological milestone in optometry for helping doctors keep up with advances in the ever-changing world of value-driven health care.

Jeff Michaels, O.D., AOA Quality Improvement and Registries Committee chair, says most doctors are familiar with the concept of cancer registries and AOA MORE has a comparable goal—to improve patient outcomes in all aspects of eye health and vision care.

"Imagine every optometrist in the country being able to collaborate on outcomes for glaucoma management, amblyopia treatment, contact lens-induced ulcers, myopia progression and more-using evidence-based outcomes to improve our patient's care instead of waiting years for clinical trials," Dr. Michaels says.

"As the primary eye care profession, this is a huge opportunity for optometry and the millions of patients we serve every year."

AOA MORE is a secure and an easy-to-use data portal that will report to CMS for increased reimbursements, help you with clinical improvement solutions and collect data (outcomes and population information). It will be optometry's collective database of clinical information to support increased access for patients and eventually support scope of care. Only non-identifying information recorded, such as diagnosis or visual acuity, will be shown to AOA. The AOA will only see collective data and will not be able to see or obtain information about specific doctors or patients.

It will also help doctors:

Announcement of the optometric registry's name comes as AOA MORE continues trial testing in select practices nationwide. Developers are currently finalizing EHR vendor agreements, and integration will begin with the three or four most-used vendors, with additional companies following.

AOA MORE will launch at Optometry's Meeting® 2015 in Seattle, Washington, June 24-28. Attendees also can participate in continuing education discussing the optometric registry—Course No. 1100, titled, "Quality in Patient Care—Know it, Use it, Prove it, Oh my!" presented by Dr. Michaels and Andy Archila, O.D.—from 1 to 2 p.m., June 25.

Click here for an optometric registry FAQ, and follow for the latest information and announcements regarding the optometric registry.

March 6, 2015

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