Sign up now for AOA MORE

Sign up now for AOA MORE

Take the first steps toward the future of optometric care today by enrolling online for AOA's milestone clinical registry, a new AOA member benefit.

"When something is right for patient care and the profession, we stand together and we work together."

AOA MORE (Measures and Outcomes Registry for Eyecare) by Prometheus Research successfully launched at Optometry's Meeting® and is now open for doctor enrollment.

"When something is right for patient care and the profession, we stand together and work together," said Jeff Michaels, O.D., AOA Quality Improvement and Registries Committee chair, during an AOA House of Delegates presentation.

AOA MORE is a secure, private database that systematically aggregates anonymous patient data from multiple electronic health record (EHR) vendors to help improve patient clinical outcomes, procedures and best practices.

The registry is an included benefit for AOA members in good standing, and will be available in the near future to non-AOA members for a fee of $1,800 per year.

To take advantage of this member benefit, doctors must first enroll with the registry. Here's how:

8 easy steps to get started with AOA MORE
If you are an OD practice owner:

  1. Visit to enroll.

  2. Login and agree to the terms of use.

  3. Validate your educational and professional data.

  4. Select the practice(s) you wish to enroll.

  5. Sign the business agreement to allow your practice data to flow into the registry.

  6. Select your EHR vendor.

  7. Enroll your employees.

  8. Submit your enrollment.

Once practice enrollment is fully completed by the OD practice owner, doctors working in that practice will receive an email prompt for enrollment. These doctors can then complete the enrollment process at using a verification code found within the email.

Upon completion of the online enrollment process, there is an important verification window that may take up to four weeks to process before doctors can interact with their data. During this time, several critical steps are taking place, including:

  • Notification of registry enrollment to the EHR vendor;

  • EHR vendor's addition of data to the registry; and,

  • Testing of the data transmission.

Once doctors receive an AOA notification that this data has been successfully transferred, go to and click on the "login" button to follow prompts for registry login. At this point, the doctor's data will be sent to the registry on a weekly basis.

July 2, 2015

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