Open Payments review, dispute period ends May 20

Open Payments review, dispute period ends May 20

Now is the time for optometrists to voluntarily review the most recent Open Payments data and initiate disputes as the May 20, 2015, deadline approaches.

It is important for doctors to ensure the data's accuracy.

This is the second reporting cycle for Open Payments, and includes payments made to doctors by drug and medical device makers in 2014. These payments can include consulting fees, honorarium, gifts, food and beverage, lodging and travel, and education.

As Open Payments data is reported by the manufacturer about the doctors themselves, it is important for doctors to ensure the data's accuracy. If an error is found, doctors should dispute the listing prior to May 20.

Data from the second reporting cycle will be made public on the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) website on June 20, 2015.

The first reporting cycle—covering the latter part of 2013—determined that $965,541 in general payments, less than 0.03 percent of the total payments nationwide, went to optometrists; however, about $1.8 million went to ophthalmologists.

As CMS data highlighted, of the 546,000 doctors listed in the first reporting cycle, only 26,000 registered to review their listings in advance, prompting concerns about possible unidentified errors in reported information.

What ODs need to do now
Doctors who registered last year do not need to register again in the CMS Enterprise Portal or Open Payments system, according to a CMS notice. Simply visit the CMS Enterprise Portal, log in and navigate to the Open Payments system home page.

Use the Review and Dispute Process Quick Reference Guide to assist with reviewing the data and affirming or disputing the information.

For doctors new to the Open Payments system, the AOA offers the following step-by-step guidance:

  1. Register on the CMS Enterprise Portal (EIDM), and register in the Open Payments system, accessible through EIDM. Registration is a two-step process and takes less than 30 minutes.

  2. Review data by manufacturers and group purchasing organizations (GPOs) for accuracy through the Open Payments system. Doctors have until May 20, 2015, to review and, if necessary, correct any data.

  3. If data is incorrect, doctors may contact the manufacturer through the Open Payments system to dispute the posted data. Once a dispute is received, the manufacturer can correct data or leave as posted.

If doctors have problems with disputed data, inform the AOA's Washington, D.C., office. Email Kara Webb, AOA associate director for coding and regulatory policy.

Click here to find additional informational material about the review and dispute process on the CMS website. Find pertinent alerts, recalls and updates from the AOA by clicking here.

May 13, 2015

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