3 tips to make the most of May’s Healthy Vision Month

3 tips to make the most of May’s Healthy Vision Month

Engaging Americans in conversations about their eye health is the aim of an upcoming health observance that stresses the importance of comprehensive eye exams, offering doctors a prime opportunity to lead the discussion.

Eye care can, and should, be a healthy priority.

May is Healthy Vision Month, and the National Eye Institute (NEI) offers a number of patient education and outreach resources to help doctors take part in this public awareness campaign intended to empower Americans to make eye health a priority.

While respondents to AOA's 2015 American Eye-Q® survey didn't deem regular appointments with eye doctors quite as important as with primary care physicians, nearly half of all respondents—by far the largest majority—worried most about vision loss over other common impairments. Eye care can, and should, be a healthy priority just like regular exercise and a healthy diet. That's why the Healthy Vision Month campaign offers the public quick and easy-to-remember tips for good vision—starting with, first and foremost, a comprehensive, dilated eye exam.

Using the NEI's own campaign resources to help bring attention to healthy vision and the importance of comprehensive eye exams, here are three ideas for participating in Healthy Vision Month:

  1. Let your social media work for you. Doctors have a chance to not only join the conversation, but also lead it with an innovative campaign launch on May 1. Sign up for the NEI's #HealthyVisionMonth "Thunderclap" and let your social media accounts automatically reach out to followers with approved messaging, alongside the NEI, AOA, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and others. Already, the Thunderclap estimates a reach of 988,000 people. Click here to learn more.

  2. Use a sharable, patient-directed article. "Content is king," the famous quip attributed to Bill Gates back in 1996, is just as relevant 20 years later. Engage with patients on your blog, website, social media or newsletter with NEI's 'drop-in article' about Healthy Vision Month. Invite inquisitive people to interact with your practice through an easy-read article that reinforces healthy vision and the quality services your optometric practice provides.

  3. Make the most of graphics, banners, posters and more. Take advantage of all the campaign resources that NEI has to offer with graphics to customize your website and social media pages, and printable materials to hang in your practice and community that promote healthy vision.

Click here to access the wealth of public education and campaign materials offered to AOA members on a number of topics, including previous AOA campaigns.

April 28, 2016

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