4 AOA tools to support diabetes care

4 AOA tools to support diabetes care

America's "one-day wake-up call" on diabetes awareness offers ODs a valuable reminder to review beneficial diabetes clinical care resources from the AOA.

The ultimate goal of the alert day is to start a conversation.

Observed annually on the fourth Tuesday in March, the American Diabetes Association's Alert Day® spurs the nation to take action in determining their personal type 2 diabetes risk with a simple pre-diabetes assessment. The ultimate goal of the alert day is to start a conversation between patients and their health care providers about diabetes.

Here are four AOA resources that can help ODs keep up that conversation in the exam room and beyond.

Diabetes resources available for AOA members

  1. The AOA's Eye Care of the Patient with Diabetes Mellitus clinical practice guideline. AOA's rigorous adherence to new evidence-based standards is getting optometry noticed, and has already resulted in this milestone guideline for AOA members on diabetes. The guideline offers doctors a vital resource in the detection and routine screening of people with diabetes, and has been recognized for its importance to health care after its posting to the National Guideline Clearinghouse (NGC).

  2. Translation to Care of the Diabetes Guideline courses at upcoming meetings. Don't miss this prime opportunity to learn how to effectively implement the recommendations in the diabetes guideline at Optometry's Meeting® 2015 in Seattle, Washington, June 24-28. Presented by A. Paul Chous, O.D., and Paul Karpecki, O.D., the continuing education course, "I Can't Get No (Evidence-Based) Satisfaction: Practical Implementation of the AOA Clinical Practice Guidelines for Patients with Diabetes," will place special emphasis on the guideline's action items that have critical impact on good patient care—some of which ODs may have only limited familiarity. This is just one of many translation courses being offered around the country.

  3. Upcoming COPE-approved EyeLearn on the latest diabetes information. Stay current with your diabetes clinical knowledge with an upcoming EyeLearn course, "Diabetes Nation," sponsored by Optos. Presented by Dr. A. Paul Chous, the course will be available online to AOA members and will focus on the current state of diabetes, strategies for diabetes prevention, updates for diagnosis and management, important information on the management of diabetic retinopathy and much more. The course will be available in the coming weeks.

  4. Additional resources available at AOA Marketplace and aoa.org.
    Head online to access additional diabetes-related information at the AOA Diabetes & Eye Health web page, and search AOA marketplace to find practice and patient information products, such as diabetes health cards, fact sheets and gallery prints.

March 23, 2015

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