AOA Facebook page reaches 20,000 likes

AOA Facebook page reaches 20,000 likes

Whether on the steps of Capitol Hill or on the Web, AOA ensures optometry's message is heard. The AOA recently attained 20,000 "likes" on its Facebook page, and would like to thank its supporters for joining in the conversation.

To celebrate the milestone, here are AOA's top 20 Facebook posts that have received the greatest reach.

  1. An optometrist explains #TheDress debate.

  2. Zombie contact lenses cause injury to teen's eye.

  3. Nearly half of all glasses ordered online had inaccurate prescriptions or safety issues.

  4. Woman loses sight in one eye after mud run.

  5. AOA complaints lead to changes in 1-800 Contacts business practice.

  6. How doctors of optometry can diagnose a rare disorder.

  7. 'Optometrist' makes U.S. News and World Report's list of the 25 Best Jobs of 2016.

  8. Screen addiction is taking a toll on children.

  9. Nike uniforms wreak havoc on colorblind NFL fans.

  10. Are contacts putting you at risk for infection by parasite?

  11. Baby sees parents clearly for the first time.

  12. He went from a playful little boy to 'a zombie.' Why wouldn't the doctors listen? 

  13. Amoebas eat contact lens wearer's eyeballs.

  14. What makes your eyes red in the pool?

  15. AOA to Census Bureau: 'Doctor' the optimal word.

  16. Warning issued about counterfeit decorative contact lenses.

  17. Children are now digital natives-and their eyes need to be protected.

  18. All contact lenses, even just for fun, require a prescription.

  19. Patients' 6 common contact lens mistakes.

  20. New study shows link to infections in contact lens wearers.

March 21, 2016

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