New ePoster format enhances participation, visibility of optometric research

January 26, 2022
Do you have unique clinical cases or optometric research? Submit your abstracts by Feb. 14 for the AOA’s newly reconfigured ePoster Session before and during Optometry’s Meeting® in Chicago.
Optometry's Meeting ePoster sessions

Please note: The call for abstracts for the 2022 ePoster Session has closed.

A newly reconfigured, virtual format for the AOA’s ePoster Session promotes greater visibility and participation, accomplishing a true nationwide dialogue in the scientific forum.

Clinicians, optometry students and faculty are encouraged to submit abstracts of interesting case reports and unique optometric research for consideration in the ePoster Session, to be held both prior to and during Optometry’s Meeting® in Chicago. But do so quickly—abstracts must be submitted electronically and received by Feb. 14.

Traditionally presented near the Exhibit Hall at Optometry’s Meeting, the ePoster Session will be conducted virtually, June 7-8, with the top-five posters selected to participate in a live, interactive education session at Optometry’s Meeting on June 18.

The addition of a virtual format this year facilitates greater participation among individuals facing travel limitations and provides greater visibility of presenters’ work, says Erik Mothersbaugh, O.D., ePoster Session moderator and liaison. The AOA caught up with Dr. Mothersbaugh to ask about the forum’s new, virtual format and why optometry students, faculty and clinicians interested in research should submit their abstracts for this year’s session.

Why is the ePoster Session such a great opportunity for those interested in optometric research?

“The ePoster Session is important for everyone—our profession depends on staying up to date on the latest through scientific research and case reports. While I realize, of course, not every practicing doctor of optometry is interested in setting up and conducting clinical trials, there are ways for everyone to get involved in contributing to the body of scientific research. It’s also important for our future doctors of optometry as they need to rely on trustworthy data for areas, such as career opportunities and outlook, demographics, education and public health.”

Are there any topics you’re anticipating at this year’s ePoster Session?

“I wouldn’t be surprised to see submissions on the latest methodologies for hot topics like myopia management, dry-eye disease and glaucoma. I am also hopeful to hear about some lessons learned through the COVID-19 pandemic that could change how we practice, in particular regarding the emerging technology in telehealth.”

Tell us about the decision to add a new, virtual format for the ePoster Session, in addition to the live, top-5 course available at Optometry’s Meeting in Chicago.

“I believe the AOA’s hybrid approach to this year’s ePoster Session will allow for a greater reach across the country to be incredibly inclusive, while also giving the submissions ranked the highest their due time in the spotlight at our live education session in Chicago.”

How is the ePoster Session, the virtual sessions and the in-person education at Optometry’s Meeting an opportunity for networking and collaboration?

“I’m grateful to have been involved in the ePoster Sessions for several years now—it’s wonderful to connect with the folks within our AOA membership ranks who are truly going above and beyond and doing work that allows all of us to continue to practice at the highest levels for our patients, now and into the future.”

Still have questions? Contact AOA Education Center staff for further information about the ePoster Session.

Is Optometry’s Meeting on your calendar yet?

Optometry’s Meeting truly distinguishes itself from other industry or trade conferences as the place where optometry’s leaders convene to advance our profession—be it the progress of AOA’s House of Delegates or Leaders Summit, the inclusive emphasis on professional advocacy and leadership, or the presentation of leading research and contemporary education that moves optometric care forward.

Learn more about what you can expect from the Optometry’s Meeting continuing education and professional development schedule, and keep reading for the uniquely Chicago events in store for #OM2022.

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