Optometric surgical procedures highlighted at this year’s Optometry’s Meeting®

March 12, 2024
Attendees will have a variety of optometric surgical courses and workshops available at this year’s Optometry’s Meeting® to bolster the capabilities of the professional and improve overall patient care.
Optometry's Meeting Surgical and Laser Courses

Have education, will travel?  

More than 4,000 doctors, students, paraoptometric professionals and industry experts will travel to this year’s Optometry’s Meeting®, June 19-22, in Nashville, Tennessee, to delve into the latest advancements, techniques and practices within the field of optometry. 

This year’s Optometry’s Meeting boasts a diverse range of more than 187 educational opportunities. Unique to this year’s meeting is a variety of optometric surgical opportunities for both doctors and paraoptometric professionals. The goal of these courses and workshops is to help attendees keep up with the ever-evolving scope of optometry and optometric surgical procedures to better provide a fuller scope of care for patients.

Did you know? 

A 2023 AOA survey found that 93% of doctors of optometry say certified and well-trained staff add value to their practice through increased knowledge, while another 81% say they add value through improved patient care. 


Optometric surgical procedures course and workshops for doctors 

Optometric Surgical Procedures course 
Led by course speaker Jason Duncan, O.D., this course will help attendees learn the various methods available in optometric surgical management, as well as: 

  • Become familiarized with the various anterior segment pathologies that may require optometric surgical intervention 
  • Become familiarized with proper perioperative and operative techniques 
  • Learn optometric surgical coding and billing key points 
  • Learn proper recordkeeping to include a proper informed consent 

Friday, June 21, from 1-3 p.m.
Music City Center  
Room Name: 205ABC  
COPE Credit: 2 Hours 

Take advantage of a complimentary EyeLearn course! 

Learn why Optometry’s Meeting is the premier event for educational opportunities! Experience one of last year’s popular courses, Lumps, Bumps and Ooze, for paraoptometric professionals at no cost. 

Take course 

Optometric Surgical Procedures workshop 
Catherine Hogan, O.D., and Jason Duncan, O.D., will be the speakers for this interactive and information-filled workshop where course attendees will learn more about demonstrating surgical techniques involving radiofrequency and chalazion incision and curettage, as well as: 

  • Various anterior segment pathologies that might require optometric surgical intervention 
  • Various methods available in optometric surgical management 
  • Proper operative techniques 
  • Proper biological waste disposal requirements and techniques 

Saturday, March 22, from 1-3 p.m.
Music City Center  
Room Name: 107AB  
AOA CE Hours: 2 Hours 

There are several other optometric surgical courses for doctors to consider at Optometry’s Meeting this year: 

Course Description 

Primary Speaker 

Additional Speaker 

Additional Speaker 



Inject It, Slice It, Intense Pulse Light It:  Updates on Chalazion Management 

Blair Lonsberry, O.D. 

Nathan Lighthizer, O.D. 




Introduction to Suturing for Optometric Surgeons 

Richard Castillo, D.O., O.D.

Komal Patel, O.D. 

Nathan Castillo, O.D. 



Lids and Lashes on the Cutting Edge 

Spencer Johnson, O.D. 





Why Optometry’s Meeting? 

At Optometry's Meeting, paraoptometrics can achieve a substantial 32 credits in courses accredited and authorized by the Commission on Paraoptometric Certification, and eligible for AOA CE Hours. 


The AOA Paraoptometric Micro-Credential: Optometric Surgical Assisting 

The AOA Paraoptometric Micro-Credential: Optometric Surgical Assisting program is an accelerated, competency-based educational qualification that delivers to staff a foundational understanding of surgical assisting techniques, patient care and surgical office management as routine, optometric surgical procedures continue expanding across the nation. In fact, over 10 states currently authorize optometrists to provide certain in-office laser procedures, while others authorize the treatment of common lesions around the ocular adnexa.  

The surgical assisting program provides not only the essential training to support and facilitate the delivery of these services, but also an external validation of the paraoptometric’s assisting skills. 

🎧 Audio Extra: Listen to Dr. Castillo describe the importance of the micro-credential. 

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