Optometry’s Meeting® 2021 reunites, reignites

June 24, 2021
Find the latest news and updates from the profession’s premier meeting, now underway in The Mile High City.
Optometry’s Meeting® 2021 reunites, reignites

Reunited and it feels so good! But don’t just take our word for it—Optometry’s Meeting® reconvenes this week, and whether you’re in The Mile High City or at home, you can engage in the excitement from the profession’s premier meeting.

After two years apart, Optometry’s Meeting is officially underway in Denver, Colorado, June 24-26. Thousands of doctors of optometry, paraoptometric staff, optometry students and industry leaders are reigniting the collegial atmosphere, leadership opportunities, professional networking and leading, contemporary optometric education synonymous with the annual AOA and AOSA meeting. And, with multiple ways to attend the profession’s premier meeting, including a virtual attendance option that grants access to over 24 hours of digitally livecast continuing education (CE) and professional development, you don’t have to miss a minute.

Register here for our hybrid education track.

Over 120 hours of cutting-edge, expert-led educational programming intersects the profession’s leadership and advocacy opportunities at Optometry’s Meeting, where this year’s reimagined experience gives attendees every chance to engage and meet head on optometry’s expanding scope of practice. Naturally, there’s a lot happening this week at Optometry’s Meeting, but you can still follow the excitement out of Denver.

Stay in the know by following Optometry’s Meeting social accounts on Facebook and Twitter, and watch for daily news updates from the profession’s premier meeting, posted at aoa.org/news. Get a feel for the buzz by following the official hashtag, #OM2021, on the meeting’s dedicated social wall below:

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