AOA newsmagazing coming in 2014

AOA to introduce newsmagazine in 2014

The AOA News is wrapping up its 50th year of publication in 2013 with a commemorative anniversary issue in November and a special year-end edition in December. The latter will be devoted exclusively to changes related to health care reform.

"We're pleased and proud that the AOA News served our members well for the past 50 years," AOA President, Mitchell T. Munson, O.D. said.

To focus on the future, the AOA will launch a brand-new format in 2014.

"In looking forward to serving the profession in 2014 and beyond, I am excited to announce the AOA will debut a new newsmagazine-style publication. Paired with the AOA's redesigned website and revamped digital news at, this publication will deliver well-organized information and in-depth insight into crucial developments in D.C., as well put you in touch with your fellow members across the country as never before," Dr. Munson said.

Serving member needs

Taken as a whole, the AOA's new communications plan is designed to meet member needs in a shifting media environment.

"The AOA is focused on bringing you the right information, at the right time, in the right format, whether you get it on your computer, your smartphone or in print," said Teri Geist, O.D., chair of the Communications and Marketing Group Executive Committee. "The AOA website is now a model of current best practices, including daily news updates. And before the end of the year, in addition to the popular daily "First Look" email that summarizes medical and regulatory news from all over, we'll also be delivering a weekly email summary of AOA news," she added.

"Just as optometry is expanding the scope of practice and becoming fully integrated into health care, the AOA is expanding the scope of information as well as the options for receiving it. The newsmagazine is a key component of that expansion," said Barry J. Barresi, O.D., Ph.D., AOA executive director. "The goal of the new publication is to give AOA members information that is current and credible, concise and convenient, informative and insightful."

Plans for the publication include more background and perspective; more stories about individual members—their families, challenges and successes; more photos and infographics; as well as more quick and easy tips and round-ups designed to improve your practice.

"Far more than just changes to the publication name and size, the introduction of a newsmagazine offers new opportunities for fuller, deeper exploration into key issues; for more personal, insightful encounters with members; and for a broader, more comprehensive understanding of AOA affiliate associations—state, federal and student," emphasized Geoffrey Goodfellow, O.D., chair of the AOA Publications and Education Committee.

October 30, 2013

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