Advantage new grads: AOAExcel™ offers beneficial member resources

Graduation is right around the corner, but don't coast toward the podium: Now is as good a time as any for graduating optometry students to sit up and take note of one last crucial lesson.

Transferring your membership in the AOA from student to optometrist is one of the first steps for career success.

Between undergrad and optometry school, graduating ODs have clearly made a significant investment in the future. The AOA is the organization that ensures you can take full advantage of that future. Maintain membership post-graduation to access valuable member-only benefits that will ensure new optometrists have every opportunity for professional success out of school.

"Transferring your membership in the AOA from student to optometrist is one of the first steps for career success," says Chad Fleming, O.D., AOAExcelTM Business and Career Coach. 

Consider keeping your membership active following graduation to stay connected with the AOA resources you've come to expect throughout optometry school and the American Optometric Student Association (AOSA).

Make the transition: 5 member benefits for new graduates through AOAExcelTM

Just as admission to optometry school was a new beginning, graduating into the professional world represents another. Adequately preparing for the change by transitioning AOSA membership into an AOA membership means graduates start on the right foot. 

"As a new graduate you begin defining your circle of trusted resources and recommendations," Dr. Fleming says. "AOAExcel is a trusted resource for all members of the AOA in gaining access to business partners who have been selected for their understanding of the optometric profession. Whether you are beginning your career in private practice or working in commercial optometry, AOAExcel provides you with the partners you need for career success." 

Here are five immediate benefits to becoming an AOA member from AOAExcel:

  1. No-cost group term life insurance. New graduates have access to a valuable AOA-sponsored member benefit of $50,000 group term life insurance at no cost for one full year as new ODs transition their AOSA membership to an AOA professional status. This complimentary member benefit is free for 12 months, at which time you will have the option to continue coverage on a guaranteed acceptance basis.

  2. Business and liability insurance. Take full advantage of AOA membership upon your graduation and gain complimentary access to substantial discounts off insurance costs (login required) out of the gate. Graduates can receive 50 percent off their first year of malpractice insurance coverage, and 25 percent off a second year. That's 24 months of reduced insurance costs to help you get started.

  3. Professional development and career resources. Graduation has arrived—now on to finding a job. Members can use the Optometry's Career Center® (OCC) at AOAExcel as an online, searchable database of job opportunities in optometry. With more than a million hits per month, OCC is the primary source to turn to in the job hunt where graduates can post resumes, search opportunities and find career coaching resources.

  4. Private loan consolidation. Alleviate student loan worries and focus solely on professional possibilities with financial assistance from AOAExcel and Wells Fargo. Graduates can consolidate educational loan payments and reduce the trouble associated with managing multiple payments. Members are also eligible for special discounted rates.

  5. Custom practice financing. Does the next step include owning your own practice? AOA members can get assistance through Healthcare Professional Funding for tailored financing options to help get your practice open for business.

May 7, 2014

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