New AOA newsmagazine puts optometry in focus

Hot off the presses, the next-generation AOA newsmagazine is set to hit member doorsteps with an entirely new approach to AOA and optometric news.

"We aim to cover the topics that matter most to you."

AOA Focus, which launches this week, is the latest in a rejuvenated push to the way the AOA interacts with membership. Truly member-centric in its approach to delivering a blend of updates, in-depth analysis and personal stories from optometrists across the country, the new flagship publication aims to cover the topics that matter most to the profession in a bright and engaging manner.

"Far more than just changes to the publication name and size, the introduction of a newsmagazine offers new opportunities for fuller, deeper exploration into key issues; for more personal, insightful encounters with members; and for a broader, more comprehensive understanding of AOA affiliate associations—state, federal and student," emphasizes Geoffrey Goodfellow, O.D., chair of the AOA Publications and Education Committee.

AOA Focus provides content aligned with four major AOA priorities:

1. News about AOA advocacy efforts

Stay up to date on the latest legislative actions, and learn about efforts to ensure you can freely use the skills that you worked so hard to earn.

2. The latest on health care reform

Read in depth about the impact reforms will be having on your practice.

3. Eye care advances

Keep abreast of developments that affect patient treatment.

4. Perfecting practice management

Gain insight into changes in billing and coding plus practical business strategies and tactics.

Some of the recurring features in AOA Focus include: Eye on Advocacy, which focuses on both health care reform and advocacy; What Members Are Saying and Doing, featuring members' voices with a roundup of their tweets and Facebook posts; Across the Country, which highlights state associations; plus infographics, quick and easy tips and roundups designed to improve your practice.

As Mitchell T. Munson, O.D., AOA Board of Trustees president, declares, "We aim to cover the topics that matter most to you."

February 12, 2014

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