New-grad ODs have new online resource

“We’re here to make life easier for those new graduates.”

For new grads, by new grads, provides young optometrists a website that is tailor-made to help them make an easy and educated transition out of the scholastic setting and into the professional world. And importantly for new graduates—it's absolutely cost-free. serves as a gateway for new optometrists to access informative articles that run the gamut in terms of professional topics, from licensing and insurance to business strategies and clinical skills. The website also offers success stories from post-graduates across the country.

"We're here to make life easier for those new graduates," says Matthew Geller, O.D., founder of both and the online student site,

There can be a lot to consider immediately out of academia, Dr. Geller explains, and still more to learn about the practical side of optometry that can leave new ODs overwhelmed as they transition into their careers. The new website partially stems from Dr. Geller's own post-graduate experience, and his desire to offer young ODs a relatable viewpoint on the post-graduate transition that will give them a leg up moving forward.

"Instead of feeling overwhelmed and unsure where to begin, hopefully, these resources will help them be more likely to take on a bigger responsibility, maybe a more difficult route, and feel more confident in doing that," Dr. Geller says.

Site visitors are asked to create a user profile that entitles them to download the free e-book, "How to Get Your Optometry License—A Guide to All 50 States," and to access content that will be updated monthly. Dr. Geller hopes to expand the online resource with mobile tools and career matchmaking in the near future.

The new graduate site stems from a partnership among Dr. Geller and a core leadership team of newly graduated optometrists that include, Quy Nguyen, O.D., Ryan Corte, O.D., Mikilyn D'Angelo, O.D., Stefania Paniccia, O.D., and Antonio Chirumbolo, O.D.

Essilor of America and Vision Source are the exclusive sponsors of the new website.

March 31, 2014

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