Optometry’s Family Portrait

Optometry’s Family Portrait

From left, Bruce Gaddie, O.D., practices with his son, Ben Gaddie, O.D., and his daughter, Samantha, who works in the billing department.

Excerpted from page 30 of the June 2014 edition of
AOA Focus

Family portraits similar to the Gaddie family are not uncommon in the optometry world.

The respective generations can trade skills and learn from one another.

Together since 1999, the Gaddies have gone through their share of challenges. Optometry as a profession has changed its philosophy throughout the years, which can create friction among the generations. And there are personality clashes that only family can incite in one another.

"We're both kind of hardheaded. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree," Bruce Gaddie, O.D., admits of his relationship with son Ben Gaddie, O.D.

Today, the Gaddies see new opportunities instead of conflicts. Like many other families of optometrists, they have discovered the joys and advantages of working together.

Before he died several years ago, Dr. Bruce Gaddie's brother Norman, an optician, worked with him for 40 years. Both of Dr. Bruce Gaddie's children work in his practice: Ben as an OD and his daughter, Samantha, in the billing department. This provides opportunities to "sort out family crises and other situations while we're here," he says.

From a practice standpoint, the respective generations can trade skills and learn from one another, from fitting a pair of frames comfortably to mastering laser surgical procedures. As the families tell it, patients benefit, too.

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Photographs by Pabla Alcala

June 19, 2015

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