TAYE campaign gears up for bigger, better in 2015

TAYE campaign gears up for bigger, better 2015

Think About Your Eyes' (TAYE) message of annual, comprehensive eye exams is getting noticed, reaching more than 120 million Americans—and so, too, are the AOA members on its practice locator.

The 2014 campaign generated 1.2 million TAYE website visits, projected to increase to 2.6 million by year's end.

The national consumer campaign is scheduled to begin its 2015 campaign on Feb. 2, taking its educational message about the importance of yearly exams across more than 20 prime-time cable networks, 5,200 radio stations during commute hours, two popular online audio channels and digital banner ads on more than 2,000 websites.

All of the messaging is designed to inspire consumers to schedule a comprehensive eye exam and—if they don't already have a regular eye doctor—to go to thinkaboutyoureyes.com. If the numbers are any indicator, it's a message that's resonating with the public.

Making an impact: TAYE by the numbers
This year's TAYE campaign plan represents a 15 percent increase from 2014 in how often consumers see the messages, increasing the scope of a campaign that has already proven it makes a valuable impact for eye care providers.

According to TAYE national launch results between July 2013 and September 2014, independent practitioners reported:

  • 6.7 percent increase in first-time-ever exams, and a 5 percent increase in under-18 exams;

  • 5.5 percent increase in total prescriptions written (contacts and eyeglasses); and,

  • 24.8 percent increase in eye diseases diagnosed.

Equally as noteworthy: the 2014 campaign generated 1.2 million TAYE website visits, a number that's projected to increase to 2.6 million by year's end, making this a great opportunity for doctors.

Sign up for TAYE's practice locator
Take advantage of this attention as a practice growth opportunity; prospective patients are searching the website by the millions, and AOA members can make their practice known by signing up to be listed on the TAYE practice locator.

AOA members receive the best available price for a listing by visiting thinkaboutyoureyes.com/aoa and entering your AOA member ID. Doctors can choose either a basic or premium listing to tailor their visibility.

Thanks to the generosity of their state associations, every AOA member in South Dakota, West Virginia, Mississippi, Minnesota, Texas, Oklahoma and Colorado are listed on the TAYE practice locator at a basic level. Members in these states can upgrade to a premium listing at a special discounted rate.

Click here to hear one satisfied participant from last year's TAYE campaign.

TAYE is made possible by support from the AOA, AllAboutVision.com, The Vision Council, Alcon, Chemistrie Eyewear, Eschenbach, Essilor of America, Fatheadz Eyewear, GUNNAR Optiks, Luxottica, National Vision, Inc., SpecialEyes, SPY, Transitions Optical, Walman Optical and Hilco.

January 27, 2015

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