3 ways to honor staff for Paraoptometric Recognition Week

3 ways to honor staff for Paraoptometric Recognition Week

Paraoptometric Recognition Week is September 18-24, and it's the perfect opportunity for doctors of optometry to honor staff for their dedication to the patients they serve and the profession of optometry.

Paraoptometric Recognition Week is September 18-24.

"Paraoptometrics are an essential part of the eye-care team. The potential of a well-trained optometric staff is of utmost importance and the formula to achieve a successful optometric practice. Optometrists who recognize their paraoptometric staff for their dedication, knowledge and professionalism are rewarded with satisfied patients and practice growth," says Linda Rodgriguez, CPO, chair of the AOA Paraoptometric Resource Center (PRC) Executive Committee.

3 ways to recognize paraoptometric staff

Here are three ways doctors can express appreciation to staff:

1. Enroll staff as AOA associate members. Staff may become AOA associate members and gain access to all current PRC member benefits and services—at no membership cost to the paraoptometric and no added membership cost to the AOA-member optometrist. Click here to learn more.

2. Encourage certification. Certified paraoptometrics (CPO) not only play an important role in patient care, but they're also integrally involved in office management and efficiency. The AOA offers four certified programs for optometric staff. Each program requires successful completion of an examination prepared and administered by the Commission on Paraoptometric Certification with the assistance of Professional Testing Corporation. The purpose of the examinations is to assure a level of knowledge to perform the functions necessary to each certified designation. Recipients must renew their certification every three years to remain current in their field.

"Having all of my staff certified lets everyone know that our clinic is dedicated to the highest level of patient care and satisfaction. And the CPO designation is tangible proof of that," says Joshua Massey, O.D., whose Clinton, Mississippi, practice has a 100-percent-certified staff.

According to a recent AOA survey, only 11 percent of practices nationwide can make this claim. Click here to read more about the benefits of staff certification.

3. Use PRC resources to celebrate in the office. The PRC suggests a variety of ways to celebrate the week and encourages doctors to be creative in planning their festivities. Paraoptometric Recognition Week promotional kits include a poster, tabletop tent, handouts for doctors of optometry with tips for staff recognition, information about AOA associate member enrollment and staff certification, and more.

August 29, 2016

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