OD shares advantages of Think About Your Eyes campaign

OD shares advantages of Think About Your Eyes campaign

Excerpted from page 28 of the March 2015 edition of AOA Focus.

As one of the early subscribers to the Think About Your Eyes (TAYE) campaign, Matthew Ruhl, O.D., saw results the day he registered. Patients immediately started viewing his practice on the TAYE website.

"We were able to see where those patients were located with the tracking tools in the program. That was impressive," says Dr. Ruhl, a member of the AOA and Iowa Optometric Association who practices in Burlington, Iowa.

Approximately 11,500 providers have signed up for the practice locator, 70 percent of whom are AOA members.

TAYE is a national television, radio and Internet advertising campaign that uses educational messages to motivate people to get their annual comprehensive eye exam. In 2014, practices participating in TAYE had an increase in eye exams of up to 8 percent. AOA members who sign up for the TAYE website practice locator receive discounted rates.

"Participation in the TAYE campaign provides optometrists with a unique tool: the ability to leverage a well-designed, national advertising initiative for your own individual use in your community and practice," says Dr. Ruhl.

TAYE advertising reaches American consumers on more than 20 prime time cable TV networks, on drive-time radio, Internet radio, and digital banner and pop up ads. TAYE delivers the message that optometry is committed to the well-being of ocular and visual health, Dr. Ruhl says. 

Here is a deatailed look at how often and where TAYE ads are appearing, as well as the impact they are having.

AOA leadership has done a great job of maximizing the benefits of partnering with TAYE, "both with identifying our wishes and suggestions, but also with executing those changes in a timely manner," Dr. Ruhl says. "Keeping the content relevant and updated further confirms the support TAYE is giving to providers and patients."

Sign up for TAYE's practice locator
Prospective patients are searching the TAYE website by the millions, and AOA members can make their practice known by signing up to be listed on the TAYE practice locator.

Approximately 11,500 providers have signed up for the practice locator, 70 percent of whom are AOA members.

AOA members receive the best available price for a listing by visiting thinkaboutyoureyes.com/aoa and entering their AOA member ID. Doctors can choose either a basic or premium listing to tailor their visibility.

Thanks to the generosity of these 23 state associations, every AOA member in South Dakota, West Virginia, Mississippi, Minnesota, Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, Washington, Rhode Island, Iowa, Nebraska, Kentucky, North Carolina, Alabama, North Dakota, Michigan, Louisiana, Arkansas, Alaska, Massachusetts, Kansas, Georgia, and Utah is listed on the TAYE practice locator at a basic level. Members in these states can upgrade to a premium listing at a special discounted rate.

Click here to hear one satisfied participant from last year's TAYE campaign.

July 23, 2015

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