New reports: AOA members tally higher incomes

August 19, 2015
AOA surveys offer insight into today’s optometric practice characteristics.

When it comes to average net income, AOA members report not only 7% higher earnings than nonmember colleagues, but also higher net income at younger ages.

These are just a few of the crucial results highlighted in the 2014 AOA Survey of Optometric Practice—an annual profession-wide survey focused on collecting comprehensive information on current optometric practice characteristics—now available for your review.

Developed using responses from independent practice owners, non-solo owners and employed doctors of optometry, the 2014 Survey of Optometric Practice collected information about private, corporate and other optometric practice types in 2013 to help generate a better picture of today's profession.

The survey not only features an analysis of practices' gross billings, expenses and income, but also a breakdown of paraoptometric staff, hours worked by doctors of optometry and staff, and patient characteristics.

Read more about what the 2014 Survey of Optometric Practice found in three separate reports:

  1. Income from optometry. This report focuses on the analysis of net income and annual gross billings of owner doctors of optometry in private or corporate practice as a primary occupation in 2013, as well as the net income for employed doctors of optometry and independent contractor/lessees where available.
  2. Employment of optometric staff. This report focuses on the employment of non-doctor of optometry staff in the optometry practice, including clinical staff, optical dispensing staff, optical laboratory staff, coding and billing personnel, secretary/receptionists, office managers and financial coordinators.
  3. Practicing doctors of optometry and their patients. This report provides descriptive statistics on characteristics of doctors of optometry in the U.S., patients of practicing doctors of optometry, and doctors of optometry participation in third-party plans and managed care services.

All three reports from the 2014 Survey of Optometric Practice can be found in both digital and printed versions at AOA Marketplace. Be sure to check back for the next report, the AOA New Technology and EHR Survey, available later in August.

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