Think About Your Eyes campaign continues to raise public awareness

March 15, 2016
In 2016, the TAYE campaign has bigger plans to spread the word about eye health.

Partners in business and marriage, Fred Dubick, O.D., and Ellen Shuham, O.D., operate an optometric practice in Burbank, California, in the county of Los Angeles—the most populous county in the country with 10 million residents.

"There are literally hundreds of eye care providers within 15 minutes of each of our offices," says Dr. Dubick, whose practice also operates offices in Northridge and Sun Valley, California.

He joined the Think About Your Eyes (TAYE) campaign, which helps the practice distinguish itself in a highly competitive market—and offers another way to bring AOA's message on the importance of annual comprehensive eye exams to the public.

The public is listening, judging by the 2015 campaign's solid results:

  • Since the campaign's launch in July 2013, has had 2 million website visitors. The site features a practice locator, basic and premium business listings, and eye health resources.
  • TAYE's national advertisements, which drive people to, resulted in a 3% increase in comprehensive eye exams over the 2014 campaign. TAYE advertisements in 2015 generated more than 1 million eye exams.

TAYE gives doctors a leading edge

Dr. Dubick says TAYE is well worth the investment. Not only has the campaign message proven to increase the number of comprehensive eye exams, but it also gives AOA members a leading edge.

Last year, about 850 people searched to find doctors of optometry in Dr. Dubick's area. Of those, 35 people clicked to get more information, including six people who either called the practice or requested an appointment online.

"TAYE helps us get more exposure and differentiates us from many of our colleagues in the area," Dr. Dubick says. "It drives new patients into our offices."

Robert Reed Jr., O.D., of St. Joseph, Michigan, has been practicing for 36 years. Dr. Reed says there are 10 doctors of optometry in his rural community of about 8,500 residents. He joined the campaign because it promotes eye health and optometry to the public.

"Just being good doctors or medical health care providers isn't enough," Dr. Reed says. "TAYE is a national campaign that delivers a unified message across the United States. I can't do that kind of media promotion, but TAYE can."

Watch testimonials to the TAYE campaign.

Sign up for TAYE's practice locator

Twenty-eight AOA affiliate states have signed up their entire membership for the TAYE practice locator. Prospective patients are searching the TAYE website by the millions, and AOA members can make their practice known by signing up to be listed on the TAYE practice locator.

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your AOA member ID.
  3. Choose either a basic or premium listing to customize your visibility.

Listings on the site cost $250/year for a basic level ($225 for an AOA member), and $500 a year for a premium level ($450 for AOA members).

TAYE is made possible by support from the AOA,, The Vision Council, Alcon, Chemistrie Eyewear, Eschenbach, Essilor of America, GUNNAR Optiks, Luxottica, National Vision Inc., SpecialEyes, SPY, Transitions Optical, Walman Optical and Hilco.

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