Why AOA EyeLearn keeps growing

August 3, 2023
Save time, money and effort on your practice education and staff training with AOA members’ online learning platform, the AOA EyeLearn Professional Development Hub. See what everyone is learning.
AOA EyeLearn

Engaging conversations on progressive optometric care topics? ✅

One-stop shop for detailed staff training resources? ✅

Interactive study sessions to prepare your practice team for certification? ✅

The AOA EyeLearn Professional Development Hub offers the kind of relevant, on-demand educational courses that optometric practices need with a userbase and content library growing by the day.

One year after a complete update, AOA EyeLearn—members’ online resource for continuing education (CE) and professional development courses, webinars and training content—has more than doubled the amount of doctor, paraoptometric and student users with over 122 total courses available, including a pair of educational series available for AOA members and associate members. 

Launched in 2023 and 2022, respectively, the AOA OD Talks Webinar Series for doctors and the Paraoptometric Speaker Series for optometric staff provide interactive, expert-led discussions that can elevate clinical proficiencies and hone practice management acumen. Hosted regularly within AOA EyeLearn, both programs are available for CE credit* and can be viewed either live or in recorded formats—just reference the upcoming webinars calendar within AOA EyeLearn to get these opportunities on your radar. 

But beyond the educational series, AOA EyeLearn also has become a powerful staff training tool for optometric practices. In addition to a comprehensive archive of fundamental paraoptometric training and professional development courses, many of which are eligible for Commission on Paraoptometric Certification (CPC) credit, AOA EyeLearn also hosts regular study halls for staff considering paraoptometric certifications, including an upcoming opportunity for certified paraoptometrics seeking their CPOA credential.

What: CPOA Study Hall
7 p.m. CT, Thursday, Aug. 10

Enroll here.

“The AOA EyeLearn platform is designed to be user-friendly so doctors, paraoptometrics or students can freely scan our catalog and find the education that speaks to their individual needs,” noted Brad Lane, O.D., M.Ed., AOA Education Center Committee co-chair, with the platform’s relaunch. “The AOA EyeLearn has a wide range of education, from clinical and practice management pearls to staff training and professional development, that carries out the AOA’s prioritization of impactful, year-round education.”

So, what’s everyone learning about on AOA EyeLearn?

3 most popular doctor courses on AOA EyeLearn

  1. AOA Diabetes MasterClass: Diabetes Guidelines
    A distinguished panel of optometrists, who have each mastered diabetes care and prevention in their own way, offer diabetes knowledge and clinical pearls in this first episode of a two-part series. Credit: 1 AOA CE Hour
  2. AOA Diabetes MasterClass: Diabetes Education
    A distinguished panel of optometrists, who have each mastered diabetes care and prevention in their own way, cover a variety of topics from diabetes clinical management, education, prevention and support to diabetes care and education specialists. Credit: 1 AOA CE Hour
  3. Oral Pharmaceuticals in Anterior Segment Disease
    When it comes to the treatment of ocular conditions, optometrists do not hesitate when prescribing topical medications but often hesitate in prescribing oral medications. This interactive course examines the use of oral pharmaceuticals in the treatment and management of a variety of anterior segment diseases. Credit: 2 AOA CE Hours

3 most popular paraoptometric courses on AOA EyeLearn

  1. Certified Paraoptometric Review Course (CPO)
    This course is geared toward paraoptometric staff looking to earn their CPO certification or paraoptometrics looking for a refresher course. Credit: 2 CPC Credits
  2. Basic Anatomy and Conditions of the Eye
    This course will give attendees a basic overview of the anatomy of the eye, its structures and functions. Common eye conditions also will be discussed so that the attendee can better understand how these conditions affect the eye and vision. Credit: 1 CPC Credit
  3. Para Speaker Series—Lens Designs, Materials and Treatments
    A basic knowledge of lens design, materials and treatments is important for every team member. Being able to answer basic questions allows us to better care for patients and make recommendations at every touch point that will enhance vision and lifestyle. Credit: 1 CPC Credit

Be sure to check back in AOA EyeLearn frequently as AOA uploads new content, including courses from Optometry’s Meeting® and recorded webinars.

Start earning education credits on AOA EyeLearn

*Courses offered within AOA EyeLearn may be eligible for CE credit, including AOA CE Hours for doctor content and Commission on Paraoptometric Certification (CPC) credits for paraoptometric content. While AOA CE Hours satisfy most state boards’ CE requirements and are respected by many organizations with the practice of optometry, attendees may independently verify their state board requirements by visiting the AOA’s state board and affiliate contact lookup tool. 

Are you new to AOA EyeLearn? Simply use your AOA website credentials to log in to your AOA EyeLearn account, then reference this user guide for further instructions on how to navigate the platform.


AOA EyeLearn Professional Development Hub

Access a range of educational content for contemporary optometric care, practice management, staff training and more.

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