Doctors 3 steps to maximize paraoptometric membership

Doctors: 3 steps to maximize paraoptometric membership

Top-down change in health care these days is all about efficiency and improved outcomes, two factors that can be positively influenced by a skilled, reliable staff in an optometric practice.

"The tools and resources available in the PRC are building blocks of education and skill development."

Doctors nationwide have already enrolled their paraoptometrics by the thousands for AOA associate membership. And now, member ODs are seeing firsthand how access to AOA Paraoptometric Resource Center (PRC) benefits and services can help streamline operations in the optometric practice.

But enrollment is only the first step. Here are three ways doctors can use the gateway of associate membership to find a wealth of staff opportunities to truly maximize staff potential:

  1. Encourage continuing education (CE) and training. The PRC offers a variety of CE for associate members that's designed to bolster paraoptometrics knowledge of the optometric practice—whether that be assisting with pretesting, dispensing or daily business functions. Bring up the available CE menu during the next staff meeting and encourage paraoptometrics to review course options.

  2. Reinforce PRC benefits. Associate membership opens the door to a wide range of benefits available through the PRC, including discounts on staff development and resources, free access to Beginner Level 1 of the Paraoptometric Skill Builder® program, full inclusion in the AOA's approved provider programs, reduced registration at Optometry's Meeting®, and access to education in the Article Archive. Post these benefits on the staff bulletin board so paraoptometrics are reminded to take advantage of these benefits included in membership.

  3. Motivate paraoptometrics toward certification. Paraoptometrics offer an extension to optometrists' services and capabilities, so build upon the PRC benefits to orient staff toward certification and the added knowledge that the practice is in capable hands. The Commission on Paraoptometric Certification (CPC) offers official recognition of skills to include understanding and application of optometric concepts, and billing and coding practices. Use PRC benefits and education to prepare staff for certification.

Jill Luebbert, CPOT, at an optometric practice in Nebraska, speaks from experience when she says AOA associate membership and PRC benefits work to the wholesale benefit of the optometric practice.

"Enrolling your team in the Paraoptometric Resource Center opens the door to opportunities for professional and business growth," Luebbert says. "The tools and resources available in the PRC are building blocks of education and skill development. Being a part of the PRC has given me new direction and meaning to the importance of my career as a paraoptometric."

November 10, 2014

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