Practice Management

Stay on top of the issues that affect how you manage your practice.

The future of audio-only reimbursement: What you need to know

While audio-only codes have been reimbursed under Medicare for the past few years, changes may be coming.

Ask the experts: Coding conundrums solved

What your colleagues are asking about coding might help you.

AOA’s new Center for Independent Practice to amplify members-only resources for practice success

AOA leaders mobilize resources for contemporary practice expansion and growth fueled by recent scope and recognition victories.

Patients’ shady requests: A case study in malpractice and communication

When a trendy request for window tinting doesn’t jibe with your medical judgement—or state requirements—how do doctors legally and ethically navigate this dilemma? Find out in the latest AOA Ethics and Values case study.

Excel Your Career

From the liability insurance you need to begin your career with peace of mind, to retirement planning resources to secure your future—AOAExcel® has the tools for success no matter what stage of your career.

7 takeaways from the 2023 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule Final Rule

The CMS finalized several policy recommendations put forth by the AOA, yet the 2023 physician fee schedule conversion factor still spells payment cuts without immediate Congressional action.

The most important thing to know about retirement savings planning

Do you know how to determine how much you need to retire? What should you be asking about your 401(k)?

Virtual ‘check-in’ codes

These “check-ins” are not subject to many of the restrictions that are applied to telehealth codes.

5 steps to bolster your office’s cybersecurity

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month, an opportunity to assess your cybersecurity protocols and identify areas for improvement.

'Why would someone try to get tropicamide illegally?' Doctor's question leads to surprising answer

Forgery of a doctor of optometry’s prescription ultimately fails but raises concerns. South Carolina affiliate will be alerting members on how to avoid prescription theft—read some tips on what to watch for.

How the HIPAA Privacy Rule applies in a public health emergency

In response to Hurricane Ian, the federal government takes steps to ease the pains of disaster recovery in Florida. Learn more about the federal waivers—and how you can help colleagues affected by disaster.