AOA urges greater support as HHS issues Medicaid, CHIP relief funds

Relief funds available to Medicaid and CHIP-eligible doctors, but AOA expresses concerns for some doctors of optometry who may be overlooked.Read more >

June 16, 2020

Children’s myopia risk linked to smartphone use, study says

Researchers found an association between myopia and prolonged smartphone use, begging the question: What does the future hold for millions of kids growing up in the digital age?Read more >

June 15, 2020

Evidence shows these 3 steps are crucial to stop virus spread

New study reinforces role of doctors of optometry and practice staff in infection control of novel virus.Read more >

June 11, 2020

AOA’s virtual CE, professional development a value for entire practice

3 reasons why doctors, staff and students will benefit from participating in the AOA 2020 Virtual Learning Livecast.Read more >

June 11, 2020

How to turn your patients into brand ambassadors

“We have to change how we do things and deliver an experience, and it has to be the right kind of experience."Read more >

June 10, 2020

COVID-19 pandemic necessitates infection control refresher

Learn more about appropriate infection control in the optometric practice with a two-part CE series during the AOA 2020 Virtual Learning Livecast, June 24-27. Read more >

June 4, 2020