Strategies to help reading for the AMD patient with central scotomas

Development of eccentric viewing skills to improve eye control and manage scotomas helps optimize the patient’s reading performance with low-vision devices.Read more >

June 4, 2019

Can you hear me now?

In an age when news comes at us 24/7, the AOA’s media advocacy must be proactive, reactive, plucky and nimble to grab and keep hold of the public’s attention and influence public policy. In the past year, the AOA’s media advocacy was all of the above.Read more >

June 4, 2019

How doctors of optometry contribute to Air Force mission

Doctors of optometry are applying their expertise to ensure the safety of military personnel working with laser defensive system on new aircraft.Read more >

May 30, 2019

Help patients kick the smoking habit

Smoking rates may be dropping for Americans, but the World Health Organization (WHO) continues to raise concerns about the hazards of the habit.Read more >

May 30, 2019

Vision and batting

Tips to ensure vision helps—not hinders—the on-field performance of athletes.Read more >

May 28, 2019

How do good doctors compete with bad companies?

Well intentioned as some may be, some new technologies threaten to create barriers and delay timely patient care and disrupt the doctor-patient relationship. Learn how to improve your practice to compete in the future.Read more >

May 23, 2019