Vision therapy coding

There are a finite number of codes to use in the vision therapy portion of your practice.Read more >

August 10, 2015

Sleep apnea’s effect on the eyes

Ocular health issues may be common in sleep apnea patients.Read more >

August 7, 2015

Opening doors

Louisiana State Sen. David Heitmeier, O.D., the first OD elected to the state Senate, is AOA’s 2015 Optometrist of the Year.Read more >

August 6, 2015

AOA, affiliates continue to challenge online ‘exams’

AOA president sends letter to American Academy of OphthalmologyRead more >

August 5, 2015

Weighing aspirin use in AMD patients

Cardiovascular benefits could outweigh adverse vision effects.Read more >

August 4, 2015

More than $1 million raised for Optometry Cares® at Optometry’s Meeting®

Funds raised, pledges renewed in support of Optometry Cares®—The AOA Foundation.Read more >

August 3, 2015