Pupil patterns in youth a ‘phenomenon,’ doctor says

Doctor of optometry recommends helping young tech users and their parents develop a lifelong habit of managing their device use.Read more >

October 30, 2019

AOA MORE protected $1 million in Medicare payments—here’s how it could help you

Participating in 2019 MIPS? Here’s how AOA MORE can help participating doctors of optometry meet requirements and protect their reimbursement.Read more >

October 30, 2019

Co-management: 4 steps to success

Doctors of optometry work collaboratively with other health care providers with one goal in mind: providing the best care for every patient, with on-the-spot referrals and more efficient eye care. In this practice management model, patients win because they have easier access to expert eye care. And when patients win, doctors win.Read more >

October 29, 2019

Study’s focus on high school sports concussions underscores optometry’s role in care

Trainers report more than 9,500 concussions between 2013 and 2018; boys’ football and girls’ soccer lead way.Read more >

October 24, 2019

Beyond irritating, secondhand smoke could harm children’s eyes

Secondhand smoke exposure can cause a myriad of health problems. Now, new research suggests it may be associated with choroidal thinning in children as young as 6.Read more >

October 24, 2019

Study: Prototype imager of tear film sublayers opens eyes on dry eye

Dry eye and its symptoms—including red, itchy eyes and blurry vision—drive many patients to see their eye doctors.Read more >

October 24, 2019