AOA Statement to Martha MacCallum Report--Bennett: War on drugs was not a failure, could be done again

Media Contacts:
Deirdre Middleton,; 703.837.1347

October 19, 2017 -- The American Optometric Association (AOA) is demanding an immediate retraction, correction and an apology from Ms. Martha McCallum, a Fox News personality who baselessly and irresponsibly attributed aspects of opioid abuse to the expanding scope of practice of doctors of optometry, our nation's family eye doctors.

Ms. McCallum is wrong and is endangering public health by misleading the viewers of her broadcast about the essential role doctors of optometry have in eye health, vision care and assuring a patient's overall health. Although Ms. McCallum has made a serious error, the AOA will make certain that she and others at Fox News are educated about the extensive medical education and training doctors of optometry have as well as the positive role the profession plays in fighting against opioid abuse and other urgent threats to public health.