For Educators

As an optometric educator, you are responsible for shaping the future of the profession by teaching and being mentors. Through your dedication to optometry, a positive example is being set for your colleagues and students. 

The American Optometric Association (AOA) is here to support you. We are continually working to improve communication and resources for educators.

The AOA has a Faculty Relations Committee with representation from each school and college of optometry. This group is here to keep you informed on issues that may be affecting the profession you are teaching.

Janice McMahon

"The AOA allows one individual to be a part of something greater, ensuring that  our professional lives and livelihood remain important and protected." 

- Janice McMahon, O.D., associate professor, Illinois College of Optometry; Chair, AOA Faculty Relations Committee           

We invite you to explore AOA educator resources and discover new classroom tools to help you. Also, we encourage your feedback. If you have any suggestions for new classroom tool content development, please send an email to:

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